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Ella's Kitchen New Snack Range For Bigger Kids - The Official Verdict By A Three And A Half Year Old....

A couple of years ago before I became a parent I remember visiting a close friend of mine's house where she had just started weaning her little boy. I opened one of her cupboards and to my shock and horror the cupboard was bursting with loads and I mean loads of colourful pouches with organic purees of weird and wonderful food combinations. I couldn't understand why an earth she wasn't making her own food for her son? Her response "you just wait". I dismissed this comment and shrugged it off. 

A year later I found myself at the beginning of my weaning journey with Charlie my eldest. Being the first time mum that I was I invested in an all singing all dancing baby steamer musher pureey thingy and £35 later having shopped for naturally all organic produce from Waitrose I went home and dug out my baby cookbooks freshly delivered from Amazon to make up some weird and wonderful purees for my little cherub to enjoy on his journey to culinary excellence. Now let me tell you this, there is nothing more soul destroying then spending all day and I mean ALL day making all these wonderful purees only for your little darling to spit out and reject every single one of your culinary delights. It was then that I discovered what is to this day one of my all time favourite baby brands. 

If you haven't come across Ella's Kitchen before let me introduce you. I firmly believe that you will get to know a lot about Ella's Kitchen over the next five years of your child's life. There is not a single child under the age of five that I know who has not experienced a pouch or two, or three, or ten. Three years on we still love a large number of their products and look forward to starting the weaning journey again with them when I start to wean Hector next month. It's also worth noting they do an awesome weaning guide which is free if you sign up here

What I love about Ella's Kitchen is the brand reliability that they've built up with me. I've never had a bad experience and it's a brand that I have come to trust implicitly. From their first taste pouches to their popular nibbly bars every product we've tried and every product we've loved. 

I was excited for Charlie to try the new range of snacks aimed at the bigger kids market from 3-5 years of age. A new range of fruit and vegetable smooshy pouches and fruity snack bars again all 100% organic. 

The smooshy snack pouches represent one of your little one's five a day and these four taste-tingling smoothie combos feature a mighty VEG ingredient to show big kids just how cool veggies can be!

-     mango + pumpkin 
-     orange + carrot
-     strawberry + beetroot
-     apple + cucumber

Charlie's favourite - remarkable given he "hates" mango and only associates pumpkins with Halloween! 

Next up were their fruity snack bars. With three exciting taste combos on offer, new Fruity Bars are completely unique an include tasty additions such as crisped rice, oats, flaxseeds and coconut. Ordinarily Charlie would unceremoniously reject these ingredients but because they are packed in brightly coloured packaging naturally he wolfed them down! Deeelicious!

-     briiilliant banana + raisin
-     pow powww pineapple + coconut
-     rrrocketing raspberry + mango

Charlie is notoriously picky. Like seriously picky and one thing I've always been able to rely on is Ella's Kitchen to get part of his five a day into him. They've outdone themselves with the fruit and veg pouch combos, he was totally fooled and the fruity bars were incredibly moorish even for us mummy's, obviously I had to quality control it by doing the official taste test! 

Ella’s Kitchen’s Kids’ Snacks range is available in Sainsbury’s with a RRP of £3.49 for Smooshy Snacks (4 x 100g) and £2.50 for Fruity Bars (5 x 20g).

Big thanks to the lovely people at Ella's Kitchen for sending Charlie a bundle to try. You've got the thumbs up from us here! 

Big love,

This Surrey Mummy... Oh and Charlie! 


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