Friday, 25 September 2015

F is for Friday!!

So the eve of the weekend is finally here! 

The autumn season is most definitely on its way. Extra layers are now needed for the school run and the evenings are getting darker earlier by the day. We are approaching four weeks into the school term and I have to admit that I am already over the school run. Constant battles with a three year old over what morning snack he's going to take, the fact that he never wants to brush his teeth which usually results in me pinning him down to sounds of screaming as I attempt to brush his nashers and then there is the daily breakfast battle. You know the usual, "I want weetabix", "not cold, hot", "What's that? I don't like it", blah blah blah. So I am very much on the countdown to two weeks off struggling to get out the door by 8am with a grumpy toddler and baby in tow. 

This year my family and I are heading south down to a place that's very close to our hearts, the beautiful St. Ives. This year we will also be introducing the town to Hector as well as another holiday guest, Buzz, the class mascot. Class mascots and I have never really gotten on and my track record is shady to say the least. The last class mascot we took home last term was a dragonfly. This dragonfly had had some rather active weekends with the other class mates however I thought it would be funny to take him to the pub and have some amusing photos of him quaffing Pinot Grigio and looking drunk slumped up against a pint. Don't get me wrong I never actually intended to use these pictures. "Funny", I hear you say, not so funny when we lost him, sparked a Facebook appeal to find the lost dragonfly (note for future do not friend request the headmistress and remember that you are friends with quite a few of the teachers!) and ended up sourcing a replacement from Amazon only for the original to turn up and be forever known in the school as "the mummy that lost the class mascot". This half term we will try harder!

So, the week has flown by, we started the week with my Slimming World weigh in, and after a week drinking and eating too much in Cannes (blog - My day in Cannes by my friend the beautiful Blog Me Beautiful) I was delighted with my half pound gain. As well as "Project Skinny Jeans" there have been my attempts at achieving "school run chic". 

This week I invested in three statement necklaces that I hoped would jazz up some plain tops and add a bit of chic to my daily school run wardrobe. 

First up at £25.00 is this gorgeous gem embellished statement necklace from  Marks and Spencer . I love the colour combinations and thought that it would team well with a number of colours and basic tops that are in my wardrobe. 

Above: teamed with a plain navy blue long sleeve t-shirt from Primark and it looked great with my new hairstyle from Jack Wallace at my 
favourite hair salon Clay Hair Salon in Oxshott.

Above: teamed with an old favourite of mine. This three quarter length grey strip with lemon and white spots from Boden two summer seasons back. 

Next up is another one from Marks and Spencer with their resin block floral necklace in white again at £25.00. I opted for a white necklace as lets be honest, white goes with anything and also adds both a casual and glam look to even a boring white t-shirt. 

Above: teamed with last seasons Marks and Spencer Collection neon pink knitted sweater - I am loving how the white really accelerates the pink. Also, this colour pink always makes peoples skin appear with a lovely healthy glow. 

Above: teamed with a plain white t-shirt from Primark and my favourite Crew Clothing classic cream knitted v neck jumper. 

And finally, this little number from the guys at New Look that I managed to bag in the sale for £7 - bargain!

Above: teamed with a three quarter length sleeved baseball t-shirt

So, I managed to achieve five different looks this week on the school run with three different necklaces. Charlie's teacher even commented on my looks this week by saying "Oh you look lovely" which just reaffirms my fears that before now I really did look truly crap on the school run. 

I've also had a manicure this week with the lovely Harriet at Clay Hair who updated my nails choosing a really gorgeous sparkly and glittery pink for my talons. 

Well, it's lunch time and I am off to kick start the weekend with lunch at Cote in Cobham with the gorgeous Mrs Blog - Me - Beautiful - mines a glass of vino Emily!

Big love, 

This Surrey Mummy x 

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