Friday, 25 September 2015

Take photos. Take hundreds if need be...

Time flies by so quickly, and no more so than when you have a newborn baby. There is something quite incredible about newborns. Excusing the fact that the way that they grow and enter this world is beyond magical and baffling but more so the purity in which they enter this big world with. I was recently lucky enough to be gifted with a gorgeous new niece given to our family by Vicky, my sister in law, the incredibly perfect Lily-Anne and no doubt partner in crime to her older cousin Hector given they are only sixteen weeks apart from each other.

When visiting her in hospital my brother in law said something to me that really rung home. He said "It's incredible that these children are born with nothing but purity" and from that I could not help but think that I am so grateful that we had photographs taken that capture just that, the purity in our then newborn. 

A couple months before I gave birth I saw an advert for a newborn photo session with a local newborn and family photographer Suzi Bowles at Suzi Bowles Photography. We chatted and she said that she was looking to capture images of a seven to ten day old baby using as much natural light and natural shots as possible, it was at this point I knew that Suzi would be the photographer for us. 

After I gave her the news that I had given birth to Hector a photo session was scheduled in for the Saturday after we returned home. As soon as she stepped through our front door we knew that we had picked a good'un. She was so calm, quiet (which is always appreciated around a newborn!) and more importantly incredible with Charlie! She wanted to capture us in our natural environment, well quite naturally we wore our usual natural environment Saturday attire, jeans and white t-shirts as one does, inspiration totally taken from Hello magazine! There was no rushing with Suzi. As a first time breastfeeder by day seven I had no where nailed it, so what probably could have been a shoot that was done and dusted within an hour or two took near on three whilst I struggled to master the art breast feeding in between takes but never once did I feel rushed or under pressure to hurry up.

I wanted to capture Hector in his pure and new state and also in something that would always remind me of when he was so tiny and raw so I opted for a little number from my all time favourite baby brand Aden and Anais. The jungle jam print throws me back to happy times when I used the giant mussy with the same print that I still cherish with my first born Charlie. The beauty of this swaddle is that it takes all the faff out of swaddling for you by ingenious little poppers that keep our precious little bundles in a cosy warm position all night. I loved this particular swaddle so much that I insisted that my sister in law Vicky use ours for little Lily-Anne. Well at just three weeks old she sleeps through from 11pm - 7am - coincidence? I think not! 

Above: I never saw these pictures before the preview with Suzi, and I'll admit it, I fell in love with Tom even more after seeing this picture.

Above: Suzi managed to capture a smile from a boy who normally 
refuses to smile for any camera! 

So, in summary, take photos, whether you choose professional or amateur, take loads. These little people grow so so quickly and they do change daily so take too many, you can never have enough. We are so thankful to Suzi at Suzi Bowles Photography for capturing the early days of our complete little family. We will cherish these photos for ever more. 

Big love, 

This Surrey Mummy x 

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