Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Christmas Bucket List 2015 - Lapland UK

I don't know about you but with November only a couple of days away I am definitely starting to feel festive and it's at about this time during the year that I start to plan our "Christmas Bucket List".

The Christmas Bucket List is simply put, a list of things that we as a family would like to do in the run up to the Christmas period. This year is the first year that Charlie really gets it, heck, I'm already using the "Father Christmas can see you!" threat to avert any bad behaviour. Team this with the alarm sensors in our house and out and about acting as "Santa Cam" we are definitely having more days on the nice list than the naughty list.

Being the first year where I feel Charlie will be really interactive I'm happy to try a few more adventurous things in the hope of making the holiday a little more magical.

When my brother and I were younger we were very lucky to visit Father Christmas in the North Pole. Looking back fondly it really was magical and have cherished the memories ever since. Whilst I would LOVE to do this with Charlie, the cost teamed with the fact that Hector really is too little I think we will probably wait until he is Charlie's age and then bite the bullet, save up and take the boys, however, until that time I am looking to achieve that magic a little closer to home without it breaking the bank.

This year we are very excited to have been invited to Lapland UK.   Returning this year to the Whitmoor Forest on the Windsor Park Estate for another year.

All photos courtesy of Lapland UK

The Windsor council website claims "Lapland UK promises an unforgettable and immersive Christmas experience for young children. After receiving a personalised invitation from Father Christmas requesting their help in his toy factory this year, children are transported into a fairy tale world of wonder. Having travelled along the Elves’ magical forest pathways with their Lapland UK passports freshly stamped, visitors arrive in the snowy wonderland where first they visit the Toy Factory to help the Elves, before moving on to Mother Christmas’ Kitchen to decorate gingerbread and gather for storytelling. It’s then skates on for Lapland UK’s ‘Ice’ Rink before meeting Lapland UK’s resident huskies and reindeer. A very special personalised meeting with Father Christmas in his snowy woodland home is the highlight of this magical daytrip that families are sure to treasure forever."

To say I am excited is an understatement so I am really hoping that it's as magical as it claims especially as Charlie is so looking forward to Christmas!

Big love,

This Surrey Mummy x
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