Sunday, 18 October 2015

It's nearly time to prepare for the Webb official Christmas card 2015!

A few years ago I suggested to my brother in law that we do a really tongue in cheek Christmas card for our first official Christmas card a bit like the Kardashian's.... but better!

James is a super talented professional photographer (James Heming Photography) and he immediately jumped on the idea and knew exactly where I was going with this one as he had photographed our rather amusing engagement shoot which involved a theme based  heavily around one of my favourite 70's show, "The Good Life" and it was brilliant!

So, one year after the wedding we had a new addition to our brood, Charlie and wanted to mark our first Christmas with an amusing Christmas card. I wanted it to be totally OTT, I wanted it to look overly staged, I wanted log fires, Christmas jumpers and presents galore. James and his clan live down in Kent and along with my sister in law Claire, they had managed to pull off one of the best back drops for a Christmas card I had ever seen.....

Check out that roaring fire!! 

This year we have another addition to our growing family with Hector and we will be looking to do something similar but this time I'm hoping and praying for some snow so we can re-enact the Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas" video - you know the one I mean!!

Failing the snow which inevitably won't ever make an appearance despite The Express forecasting the coldest and snowiest winter for thousands of years, no Christmas would be complete without the now traditional Christmas jumper and this year will be no exception.

With the shops starting to fill with Christmas goodies and as I make preparations for the turning on of my own village's lights it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here at This Surrey Mummy HQ. So you could imagine my sheer delight when Mr Postman knocked on my door with a lovely package addressed to the boys. They had received an early festive present from those lovely people at How jolly!

Both Christmas jumpers from Next start from 3 months and are priced from £14. Great material, super warm and cosy and Rudolph's nose even lights up!!

Hoping to get hold of one of these for Tom.

I'm thinking of more subtle this festive season.

Are you a fan of a good fun Christmas jumper? Would love to know where you've got yours from!

This Surrey Mummy

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