Thursday, 15 October 2015

Thursday day dreaming with

There is definitely a chill in the air as I sit here and type at This Surrey Mummy HQ on this dreary Thursday afternoon as I head into the to two weeks ahead with the rugrats on half term.

(BEEP BEEP) - My What's App goes. 

Just another casual message from one of my lovely friends telling of her delight as managed to pack what looks like the entire Ella's Kitchen range into two tupperware boxes. She's off on her hols. Lucky thing. She's off somewhere hot. Somewhere far far away. Somewhere where dreams are dreamt and reality is made. She's off to Dubai. Literally everyone is off to Dubai this week except me!! 

The OCD packing of the pouches - a girl after my own heart!

Dubai. Oh Dubai. Sipping my lukewarm cup of tea I gaze down to my top to find a small patch of dried vomit that Hector has kindly offered to donate to me without me being aware (golly I hope that wasn't there when I went on the school run) and suddenly I'm drifting off to another world.....

Cue daydreamy music with my face being immersed in mystical cloud.....

"Champagne madam?" says this leggy tanned air stewardess.

"Go on then". After all, it'd be rude not to. I mean what better way to kick off my three day break in Dubai then obviously with a glass of bubbles!

I'm travelling without the kids. I mean I'm sure Dubai is great for kids, hell half the school are heading there for half term so that has to say something about its suitability for families but I'm travelling with an adult. Someone who can eat, dress, change and hold a conversation that does not focus around Cbeebies! In an ideal world it would definitely be Mr Surrey Mummy but on this occasion as I sit here it's most definitely my mum. We are off for a proper girls getaway break and boy are we gonna have fun!!!

Wow! The Palm! Wow! The World! Approaching this city on sea is incredible - the stuff you can only imagine to see on Google images

My view from the plane

Not a bad view!

We head through passport control (smelling incredible by the way having naturally picked up some fabulous Duty Free purchases back in London) and head to our hotel. 

It's four star luxury where Dubai four star is five start luxury anywhere else in the world. We've made it. 

Now what to do??

I would take my Mum and I on a camel. It's a must. We'd ride in the desert, watch the sunset and drink spiced tea out of delicate little cups.

We would then head to bed. You know the bed I mean. The whole kingsize bed where I don't have to share it with anyone but me!!! A mums dream!!!

After an incredible full uninterrupted sleep we'd head for breakfast where we would fill our bellies with mouthwatering cuisine from all corners of the earth...

With our bellies full we'd then head to the beach. We'd feel the sun on our backs and feel instantly relaxed knowing that everything is under control back at home. We'd admire how the skyscrapers touch the endless sky and how the city dances with the pearly white shoreline. After, as the sun starts to set we'd head back to our hotel for a drink to end the beautiful day we'd just had.

We would definitely burn some cash at the The Dubai Mall. We'd stop for a leisurely coffee break because I don't have to get back for the school run!!!! I would try on clothes just for fun and spend some quality shopping time with my best friend.

Then, we'd don our winter attire - yes winter attire - and head to the Ski Dubai where we'd pretend to know what we are doing whilst bursting into spontaneous bursts of laughter at how ridiculous we both look.

We'd visit one of Dubai's numerous water parks, where I would hurl myself down stupidly high slides feeling like I was 18 again. 

I want to swim with dolphins. I could swim with dolphins!

Oh the things we could do, the things we could see, the memories we could make. It's all here in Dubai. This is a place on earth where dreams are dreamt and reality is made. 

Cue phone ringing......

"Hello Mrs Webb?"


"It's Charlie's school here. It's 4pm and school pick up is at 3.15 - is everything ok?".

Sugar, sugar sugar! Well so much for daydreaming.....

Big love, 

This Surrey Mummy

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