Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Where Cobham meets Cornwall....

So, it's October half term and whilst most of Surrey heads the Middle East family Webb are heading down the A303 to the good old West Country. 

St. Ives here we come! Tom and his family have been coming here for many many years and now I have been lucky enough to have been introduced to this special place and having visited a number of times it's a place that's very special to us.

It's a place where we celebrated our engagement, a place where we had our first holiday together and we love it here. 

Having been very lucky to enjoy a number of holidays abroad growing up I was keen on ensuring that my children enjoyed the luxuries of holidays abroad but mixed with the fun of a good old fashioned British seaside holiday and all the "luxuries" that accompany it. 

We normally come in October half term as we tend to holiday abroad during the summer months and we find that during October it's still got a buzz about the place but not so busy that you can't get an all important table at the pub! It's a real bonus if the weather is nice but it's even nicer if you get days mixed with rain, fog and a bit of wind as when the sun finally peeps through you are grateful and cherish it more.

St. Ives is a pretty special place. The cobbled streets wind through the town with a delightful mix of high street shops intertwined with a lovely selection of local independent shops selling everything from drift wood to homemade chutneys. You can literally spend the whole week meandering through all the shops but there will still be some you don't go into. 

There is a fabulous smell in the air of fish and chips, Cornish pasties and freshly baked scones, and it's pretty much the law that when you visit this county that you have to eat all of the above at least once!

This is a place where diets come to die. Where eating sensibly just does not exist and after all one is on their holiday and who wants to eat a salad when let's face it there is far more exciting food to eat and drink! 

One of our favourite places to hang out is Porthmeor Beach. A vast stretch of yellow sand that meets shallow waters and where on a good surf day the waters are dotted with vast schools of keen surfers chasing the waves, it's a place where Tom learnt to surf and spent many a happy summer digging holes and eating ice cream. If you ever get to visit there you must visit the Porthmeor Beach Café spectacular views, amazing pancakes and super cool outdoor booths with heating so you can enjoy the seaside air without freezing your backsides off! There is also their sister café below so you can supervise sandcastle digging whilst enjoying a cider or a hot chocolate, or both! They also sell buckets and spades so you needn't worry if you forget them!

Now, naturally being October we aren't donning our cossies and heading for the sea but it's fairly mild here at the moment so sand castle building is a must. Especially if your three and a half years old. 

Obviously, playing in the sand isn't as much fun when there is more fun to be had when splashing around in the shallow waters running from the waves. It's the type of activity that as a parent you know will either end in tears, a bad cold and most definitely very wet but somehow you just kind of go with the flow and let your inhibitions and inner child run wild. 

Jack and Charlie enjoy mucking about in the shallow waters and no tears when they got wet only howls of laughter!!

Obviously keeping the safety standards high, Mummy too gets soaked!

It's so so easy in life nowadays to be suckered into the materialistic element of day to day life but for just once in a while it's fun to have some old fashioned fun. Let the kids get wet. Let them howl with uncontrollable laughter and let them run free and after you've attempted and failed to rub off all the wet sand and you've rung out the wet clothes, sit back and enjoy one of the British seaside's finest elements and one that is rarely beaten, an ice cream in a cone with the compulsory chocolate flake!

With love from Cornwall,

This Surrey Mummy X 
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