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The Search For The "Perfect" High Chair....

So, anyone who knows me knows that I have a bit of an obsession, well bit is an understatement if I'm being truthful. Since I had my first born Charlie I developed a pretty severe obsession for a number of baby related items. In particular prams (at the peak I owned three) and high chairs (again at the peak of the obsession we could count no less than six that lived somewhere within our house).

There was something that always niggled me about either the pram or the high chair so I was always searching for another brand, another model to fill the gap that was missing. This gap to this day I'm not sure exactly what it was but there was a gap and it needed filling. 

Our first high chair was one from a German company called Hauck and it was ingenious. The Sit 'n' Relax (£150.00)was suitable from birth with a baby attachment that meant that baby was elevated from floor level which was ideal given we had Buddy, our dog and we were unsure how he would be with the baby. 

As Charlie got older I found him this high hair too bulky so sought something smaller, more streamline. I came across the Phil and Ted's Lobster Clip On High Chair (£65.00). These were fab and we still have and will no doubt use them with Hector as he gets older, but weren't really suitable in my opinion for everyday dining.

As Charlie got older we wanted to incorporate him into family dining more so sought after a high chair that would enable him to eat with us at the table. We lusted over the Stokke Trip Trapp (£175.00).

However, at the time and give this was my fourth high chair I couldn't justify splashing the cash so set about finding a cheaper alternative. Hauck had designed a similar high chair the Beta Plus (£89.99). 

I found a couple of second hand ones from eBay, one for our's and one for mum's. We used these for a good couple of years until I decided that for no particular reason I no longer wanted them so off to eBay they went! 

Next up was the IKEA Antilop High Chair. If you have kids you'll know the one I'm talking about. 

It's the one which is at EVERY play cafe and is so marvellous it leaves you wondering why an earth you purchased any other high chair before. It's easy to clean, it's easy to store and let's be fair it's darn right cheap at £15 all in including the tray. It's brilliant as they get older but not so ideal when they are starting out weaning as they have the tendency to wobble about a lot unless you've purchased the blow up cushion to go around their back.

When I was pregnant with Hector I thought I was gonna go for a high chair this time around that I had decided against last time purely because of cost. I loved the look of the high chair and Tom being obsessed with design he adored the design element of it. This high chair was the Bloom Fresco at an eye watering £370.00, but I wanted it!

To this day, Hector has spent many a happy hour lying back in it as it does like the Hauck have a lie back mode meaning it's suitable from birth, but the main flaw in my opinion is that the tray is too far away from the baby so he struggles to pick things off the tray and the circular base is huge! 

So, after morphing into the Goldilocks of the high chair world the search for my perfect high chair was to continue. 

A couple months ago my sister in law and I were in Bluewater getting a few last minute buys for her baby when she showed me the highchair she wanted to buy. It was from Baby Bjorn and was priced at £149.00. I gasped, "£149.00! It looks pretty much like the IKEA one, don't be so ridiculous" and off we went. Ironic really given I was happy to fork out for the Bloom! 

I happened to be chatting to someone about my search for the perfect highchair and they had said I must try this said Baby Bjorn one as its perfect for when they are little and could solve my whole hand to tray to mouth saga. I was then very kindly sent one from Baby Bjorn to try. Would it live up to the hype from my friends?? Would I finally find the perfect high chair?

The box arrived and when I opened it I loved the fact that there really wasn't any assembly needed. Like the IKEA you simply click four legs in to place. Simples. No help from Tom was needed - always a bonus!

The design is super slick and utterly white which always signifies cleanliness to me. A big tick in my eyes! 

I love the fact that there is no faffing about with straps, straps that ineveitabley get grimy and grotty harbouring dried and crusted on food with this you simply push and turn the dial underneath to free your little munchkin. Ta da! 

I love the fact that the Baby Bjorn high chair has really encompassed a number of products into one. It's a seat where a child can sit aided whilst they learn to sit, has the freedom to move safely without being inhibited with straps and a seat where when they are little their neck is supported whilst they learn to manage their muscles. I will warn you, it's not the tallest of high chairs and if it's in a big room it might look a bit mini but the size of it just seems to work. 

With Hector we are doing a mix of spoon fed and finger food and it's so frustrating that most of the food ends up in his lap because the tray is too far away for him to reach, but with the adjustable tray on the Baby Bjorn high chair this problem is a problem of the past! Hector is also one chunky monkey and I was worried that his tubby little belly wouldn't fit as he got older but it's been designed for children up to three years of age so it's a chair that will also grow with your child.

Another HUGE bonus and one of the reasons why most of my highchairs have ended up on eBay is the fact that they are so bulky, but this one bucks the trend at only 25cm wide when folded! Hurrah! 

So in summary, hats off to you Baby Bjorn another marvellous product. A sceptic at first despite I have fallen in love with this high chair. Like your bouncer, yes they are expensive but don't make mistake I've made by spending hundreds trying to find the perfect highchair just part with £149.00 and buy this one and I promise you you will not be disappointed! 

Big love,

This Surrey Mummy x

Disclaimer - Baby Bjorn kindly sent me the high chair for the purpose of this review, but the opinions expressed above are my own. 
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