Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The finishing line is in sight....cue three weeks of Christmas madness!

Ho! Ho! Ho! The start of the Christmas holidays is finally in sight and the last couple of weeks here have been beyond manic. The usual dramas that end of term brings with a toddler and teacher in our house as well as moving house has meant that the start of Christmas has been a bit delayed. Finally our Christmas tree is up and the fairy lights are on and we are very much looking forward to spending the holiday season in our new home!

My lanterns inspired by Nordic House

Elmo is ready to greet our Christmas guests this holiday season! This was handmade for us by one of my best friends the uber talented Sara H!

In the This Surrey Mummy household we currently have one very tired toddler who seems to think despite his sheer exhaustion that 5am or earlier is a perfectly suitable time to rise to start his day, well sunshine, it ain't, as well as a very tired teacher Daddy who is looking forward to saying goodbye to school for a full three weeks so Friday really can't come sooner. Three weeks? Yes you heard me correctly. Three long weeks.

Our aim in these three weeks is to pack in as much as we possibly can before I return to work first week of January.

We have loads planned and we can't wait to share some of our memories with you in the forthcoming weeks. Just a few highlights include the "NCT Babies of 2012 Christmas Party", Disney On Ice - World's Of Enchantment, a trip to Center Parcs, Elveden Forest in Suffolk, hosting our annual Scandinavian Christmas Eve as well as many many more exciting things.

In the meantime, I'm off to attempt to decorate my Gingerbread House that has kindly been given to me by my Nanny as an activity to be done with the children. She must be crazy if she thinks I am letting the rugrats anywhere near this. Wine in hand, my Spotify Christmas playlist belting out some festive numbers in the kitchen and away I go!!

Big love,

This Surrey Mummy x

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