Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dinner dates .....

Hoorah! January has been and gone and what a horrid month it was for so many reasons. Let's just say that we are very pleased to see the back of you. So, February has FINALLY arrived - HOORAH!! During the month of January, I stupidly decided to challenge myself to NoSpendJanuary2016. What a ridiculous idea that was. So apart from the normal day to day food etc I did not purchase anything that was not really needed. Whilst that was great to have achieved that it also resulted in the much debated Mint Velvet 70's Gilet going out of stock!!!!!! Hey ho - obviously it wasn't an essential but I should have just got it when I saw it. Lesson learnt.

So, moving on! I am very conscious that since having littlest sprout that the most upmarket eatery that you'll see me is Pizza Express. Please, please, please don't get me wrong, I LOVE that place. Their dough balls. Their pizza. Basically I love the whole freakin' menu. But, that said, I am now 31 and being the more mature, sophisticated, mother of two that I am I feel I should be branching out to more adult eateries.

So you as my lovely readers, where have you been that's really great? I mean really great?

It doesn't need to be white table cloths with a sommelier (I'm a pretty standard Prosecco and Sauvignon Blanc kind of girl) but it does need to be worth the while, and when I say worth the while you know what I mean. As parents our spare child free time is precious and it 9/10 means we have to get a babysitter which at £10 an hour adds to the cost of a night out and there is nothing more gruelling then when you've been out for dinner, it's been ok and then you have to pay a babysitter on top and you're left £120 out of pocket for a night where the food and atmosphere was just OK, we've all been there. Looking for places ideal for a mums night out and date nights too!

First up on my list of places to be recommended to me is a place that my dad's insists that we must go to.  A place where he says "has a unique blend of a real pub atmosphere with the unusual mixture of a hidden gem local gem of an incredible restaurant tucked just down the side, you've gotta try The Albert Arms in Esher".

The Albert Arms, Esher - 01372 465 290

Well every other month or so us mummies from school attempt to meet up for dinner or drinks locally, and this week it's both so thought right, the perfect place for our "Thursday Night Mum's Night Out".

Being on Slimming Word I'm hoping to stay on plan with a really great steak. Now, according to Jonathan Dunne the The Albert Arm's owner all their steaks come from their own cattle that they rear on a farm in Somerset. They know who the parents are and can even tell you which cow your steak came from. I'm conscious that day to day we put things into our bodies not really knowing where they've come from or how they've been reared so it's really refreshing to hear from someone locally who's doing their bit to promote Farm to Fork.

Well, our table is booked and the girls and I are looking forward to seeing what all the local chat is about.

Have you been? What did you think?

Also, if you have any other recommendations for a new section of the blog called "Dinner Dates" let me know!

Big love,

Nathalie x

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