Saturday, 20 February 2016

Mother's Day 2016 with a helping hand from Cath Kidston...

This year will be my third Mother's Day since becoming a mother to my two boys. I do love Mother's Day as for me it signals that Spring really is on it's way and it's naturally the perfect excuse to spoil my Mum and for me to say "thank you".

I just love being a mum. It's the best but hardest job in the world. You are prepared for the sleepless nights through teething or just being babies, but they don't tell you about the sleepless nights you'll have worrying that you're doing the right thing by them.

I adore my mum. She's the nicest, kindest, funniest, most random woman I know or am ever likely to meet. She's always there for me and despite us not always seeing eye to eye there really is no other woman that I would wish to spend my time with. 

Mum casually attempting to get inside a Little Tikes Crazy Coupe. Stubborn and determined are her middle names!

Since I became a mum she's the first person I turn to or go to when the boys are being a "handful" shall we say. I am very lucky that my parents live only a five minute drive away and that their door (whether they like it or not!) is always open for me to drop in with my brood for a cuppa and a change of scenery. 

Our girly holiday to Egypt in 2009

Mother's are very special people. They are the only people in the world who have a 24 hour job, 7 days a week, unpaid and with no holiday. They are the only people no matter how old you are, if you are feeling poorly they always make you feel better, and let's be honest mum's sofa always makes you feel better!

After my first scan with Charlie

I am very aware that I am very lucky to have my mum and to have her play such an active role in my children's lives. 

My mum (and dad) also helps us out with childcare once a week which saves us a small fortune each month and also allows me the ability to go back to work part time. It's because of this that my children are so close to my mum, or "Little Nanny" as she's known more affectionately. Charlie loves nothing more than just hanging out with her and I am sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact that when he's round her house he's spoilt rotten and that there are always milk buttons, a late night snuggling sesh on the sofa and his body weight in brioche is always guaranteed!!  

Just to say that Buddy is not doing what you think he is probably doing in this picture!!

I think it's safe to say that I don't always tell my mum how appreciative I am of her love, care, compassion, support and more importantly her friendship, but I am. She's one in a million my mum. In fact in my eyes she's the best. 

My mum is my biggest fan and she's also my children's biggest fan. Nothing makes my mum's day more than when Charlie comes home as "Star of the day" or he's got the headmistress award, the excitement I see on her face is the exact same excitement she had when I got made Head Girl, got into my new school or made something at school just for her and now I am a mum I feel that exact excitement too. It's an amazing feeling and one I get on a daily basis when my children do something lovely or simply fab in my eyes.

So, with Mother's Day just around the corner on March 6th, in the next couple of week's I am super excited to be teaming up with one of my favourite brands Cath Kidston for their Mother's Day #CKCelebrateher campaign with some great ideas on how to spoil your mum on this special day as well as showing you how to create a beautiful "Mum" rosette.

This Mother’s Day those lovely people at Cath Kidston want to see how your mum has celebrated you over the years, and, if you’re now a mum yourself, the ways you celebrate your own children. Share a picture of your “achievement”, whether it’s a photo of a particular moment or an image of a handmade item, with them on Twitter or Instagram using #CKCelebrateHer and tell us why it’s so special. Their 10 favourite “achievements” will each win one of 10 £50 gift vouchers, and all entries will be added to our Gallery of “Achievement”.

Lots of love,

Nathalie x

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