Monday, 29 February 2016

Mother's Day Crafting With Cath Kidston...

So, as you know Mother's Day is this coming weekend and those lovely people at Cath Kidston and I were chatting about special touches. 

You might remember in my Mother's Day Gift Guide that if you didn't want to splash the cash us mums are a total sucker for being treated super nicely and throw in something with a personal touch and you'll have us blubbing in a heartbeat. 

Cath Kidston suggested that I attempt to make a "Mum" rosette. How hard could it be? They even gave me a super handy little pdf to explain how to do it. 

Naturally, I said yes. I love a challenge. Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am utterly useless at sewing and I got that non skill from my dear mum who would rather buy a new shirt than attempt to sew a button. However! What they will tell you is that my husband, Tom is a dab hand when it comes to a needle and thread. 

Now, I had two options. Ask for help and make it look nice or me attempt to do it on my own and it look like a three year old had attempted it. I opted with the former. 

So, on a crisp and cold Sunday afternoon armed with fabric, buttons, scissors and pretty ribbon we attempted the beautiful rosette. 

I have to be honest here. I got ALOT of help and I mean ALOT, there were many a time when I just watched on in admiration. Tom started and directed what I could do and showed me how. 

Now, it probably wasn't the wisest of times to do it given we were at my lovely mother in laws with my sister in law with three children (two under one) to entertain. 

Tom, immediately went into teacher mode and before we knew it he had Vicky, myself and my mother in law all pulling out weight! It was turning into a really fun team project! 

Lis, my mother in law appears to have raised her children well when it comes to domesticated duties as Vicky too was little Vivienne Westwood in the making too when it came to a needle and thread. My role immediately became redundant as Vicky took over cross stiching and pleating at lightening speed! 

Following the instructions within an inch of her life we all of a sudden had the makings of a really pretty rosette. 

Cath Kidston also suggested I team this beautiful homemade rosette with a complimenting scarf and I think you'll agree it looks lovely with the new lovingly made addition! 

I decided that my mother in law should receive it as she looked so lovely in the scarf. She was chuffed and I'm sure she'll be wearing her rosette with pride on Sunday when she hosts Mother's Day lunch, after all it was pretty much made by two of her children!! 

And I am sure you'll agree she looks lovely in it!

So, if your even half good with a needle and thread give it a go. We loved making it and thank Cath Kidston for sending me the items needed to make such a pretty rosette! 

Lots of love,

Nathalie x

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