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Diono's new Radian 5 car seat...

My eldest Charlie is a tall chap for his age. One of the tallest in his class and the tallest among my NCT group we found ourselves having to change Charlie from his beloved Maxi Cosi Axiss of which we have two (one for each car) into the next stage car seat.

We visited all the usual haunts to look and compare and finally settled on the Maxi Cosi Rodi Air Protect. It's a great seat but after months of use it was always a niggle that Charlie would often fall asleep and slump forward so to speak. I just could not get my head around why the next stage car seats could not harness children till they were older?

I was invited by Diono to the launch of their new car seat - the Radian 5. It's one of the first 0, 0+,1, 2 - but (here's the exciting bit!) you can secure your child in a 5 point harness till 25kg (roughly 7 years of age - hoorah!!)

Diono Radian 5

Naturally, I was delighted when we got sent the Radian 5 to try out for Charlie. Now, it's worth noting that with the Radian 5 you only ever need to buy ONE car seat as this will sort you out from birth to seven years of age.

Now, you are probably questioning why I am interested in this car seat for Charlie and not Hector? Well the simple reason is that I have two perfectly good and SAFE car seats that I used with Charlie that they still sell that I will be using with Hector. The only reason I am considering this one is that I as a parent would prefer Charlie to be harnessed for longer and the majority of car seats for his age do not offer this facility.

The Radian 5 (right) is slightly slimmer than the Britax (left)

Charlie fell asleep quite comfortably and safely in the Radian 5 - please note I had loosened the strap as we were home and he was asleep in the drive at this moment. 

With extended weight capacity, the Radian 5 is the only car seat which can face both ways and take a newborn baby as well as an older child in a 5 point harness up to 25kg. The cost is RRP £295.00 and this would have saved me a lot of money in the long run as I have now spent in excess of £1000 on bases, first, second and stage three car seats. The unique steel frame means the Radian 5 is super strong to resist crash forces and offer the most amount of protection.  Metal reinforcements and the best EPP foam combine the provide the ultimate side protection, whilst the straight side walls ensure your child stays contained in the seat during a crash. The narrow design (as you can see from the top photo) takes up less space in the back because it's not necessary to have thick plastic sidewalls. 

Charlie loves sitting in it and I think he instinctively feels safer being harnessed in too. It's not Isofix because the Isofix system does not support harness weight up to 25kg so in this instance a seat belt fitting offers maximum protection. The chair is easily transportable making it easy to transport from car to car and also with washable fabric seats if your little darling chooses to vomit or spill a drink it's not the end of the world as the covers can be popped in the washing machine!

Now at £295.00 one might say that I am being over the top purchasing a car seat that I am only using now and not had use of any of the newborn benefits etc. Whilst I can see that view point, I want Charlie harnessed for longer so therefore this teamed with the fact that I will be using this till Charlie is 7 years of age, but I know what you mean why spend all the money? Actually it's only costing me £8.19 per month which is less than a large coffee and a slice of cake would cost me. 

We've been really impressed by the Diono Radian 5 and given it's the first car seat I've tried by Diono the feel, the quality and the design have all stood out for us. But, the main pull and the winning factor for me is that with the Radian 5 I am able to have Charlie harnessed in for another 3 years which is what really makes it stands out. 

Thanks to our friends at Diono for letting us try the new Radian 5!

Nathalie x

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