Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Supporting Local Businesses - The A3 Baby Barn...

Being a local girl, I am a huge fan of supporting local businesses and nothing pleases me more than when local run businesses do well. Being an estate agent in a small independent I know only too well the importance of supporting small local businesses.

This week I am putting the spotlight on the a special not so little parenting gem (but one you need to know if you are a parent or expectant parent) - let me introduce you to the A3 Baby Barn!

I came across the A3 Baby Barn from a bit of searching on Instagram. I was looking at purchasing a Tripp Trapp high chair and one of the girls at the A3 Baby Barn - Louise, saw my request and introduced me to another highchair that was designed by the same designer Peter Opsvik - The Nomi High Chair. To be honest, upon first glance I was not convinced but Louise advised I come and see Amanda and the team and take a look for myself.

I agreed to pop down to the shop last week where I could have a look at it for myself. I made my way from Cobham to the outskirts of Claygate to Surbiton Golf Club where the A3 Baby Barn is nestled all the way in the middle of the course.

My first impressions were what a pretty setting. A couple of horses were being groomed and there was loads of parking. Louise, came out to greet me and helped me inside as on that day I had my 6 month old niece in tow too.

Upon entering the store I was shocked at how big it was and also how many brands of prams and travel systems they stocked! The place was also a feast on the eyes from toys, to car seats, prams to cots, this what seemed like small barn was a tardis. I mean how cool that you can actually try out loads of prams on different terrains from instore to outside and even wheel the prams to your car to ensure that they actually fit in your boot before you commit to purchase, this would have saved me a fortune in years gone by!

Charlie and his new friends at the A3 Baby Barn!

I had a good nose around the shop and managed to see the high chair that I came to see. Now, for high chairs' I will be honest this is not the best place to go as they don't hide the fact that high chairs are their four-tea but what they did say was that they LOVED the design and concept of the Nomi and chose to stock just this one high chair. 

Louise, the owners daughter explained how her daughter Olive had one and loved it but I was concerned that Hector being the chunky monkey that he is would be too squidged in it so she whipped it out and insisted that I try him in it. I prised him away from his friends where the girls in the shop had laid out a play mat and toys for him to amuse himself with so that I could browse in peace and in he sat - proud as punch and not at all squidge - so I was sold and ordered one there and then!

What I loved about the girls at the A3 Baby Barn is they know their stuff. I mean really know their stuff. The majority of them are mums and what they choose to stock in store are items that believe make those early years of parenthood that little bit easier. 

I asked them their thoughts on second stage car seats as it had been four years since I last purchased a second stage car seat and now with the laws changing to say I was confused was an understatement. I was filled in with a head full of knowledge and am delighted that in a couple of weeks I will be bringing you a blog piece about what you really need to know about buying a second stage car seat with the help from Amanda and Sam at the A3 Baby Barn.

Amanda (on the left) has owned the A3 Baby Barn for 21 years - so they must be doing something right!

So, in summary if you are an expectant first or second time mum or just a parent who needs a new car seat, a pram, a baby carrier or even just dummies, before you march to John Lewis (and please don't get me wrong - I LOVE John Lewis with a passion) why not pop down and have a gander in the A3 Baby Barn and see what they have to offer - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Proud to be supporting local businesses, 

Nathalie x

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