Tuesday, 26 April 2016

From Oxshott to Neverland courtesy of Dazzle and Fizz Magical Bespoke Children's Parties...

Well, that was one hell of an afternoon!

Let me fill you in, we've just been to Neverland and back. Ok, maybe not the REAL Neverland but to my four year old he would never have known otherwise. 

This afternoon we were lucky enough to be invited by our friends at Dazzle and Fizz Magical Bespoke Children's Parties to one of their infamous London parties, yes THE Dazzle and Fizz who featured on BBC Two's The Millionaire's Gift Guide!

We were lucky enough to have had a Dazzle and Fizz party for the boys at the weekend and if that was anything to go by this was bound to be a cracker!

Ready to rub shoulders with some of Kensington's most yummiest mummies, Cate from A Surrey Hill's Mummy's Musings and I packed up the SMax and headed up west. 

Our destination The Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge. 

We arrived in good time and were met by the hotel staff and escorted to the ballroom. 

It is here where our journey to Neverland began. 

Cue glittery and general pirates fantasy type music and a young(ish) boy called John who asked us to fly to Neverland to find his sister, Wendy. 

Charlie was transfixed. Through the curtain we were hurled into a land of green and make believe and as a thirty one year old mummy of two, they had me. They had me hook (get it!) line and sinker. 

Bubbles and milk bottles filled with freshly squeezed orange juice were sipped as the boys were whisked away from under our feet to explore the land before them. 

Lost boys banged on drums whilst Hook grabbed the boys imaginations and toyed with their minds as if they were characters from the book. They loved every single second of it. 

Hector managed to commando crawl himself around Neverland only stopping to mingle with Hook and to give the mermaid some of his best chat up lines. Mum, just in case you are reading which I know you will be, sorry about the general state of Hector - he looked half decent when we arrived - and yes I did forget a bib!

I managed to catch up with Charlotte from Dazzle and Fizz for a few moments and it was clear to see she was immersed with love for the event, and it showed in every single detail even down to toadstool cake pops.

Too tired. Must. Lie. Down.

We had the most amazing afternoon sipping on bubbles and non alcoholic cocktails and nibbled the most delicate canap├ęs whilst the boys and babies feasted on mini burgers, fish and chips and finger sandwiches and not to mention THAT sweetie table!

Thanks to Charlotte and the team at Dazzle and Fizz our favourite children's party planners for an amazing time! 

We now have four very exhausted children on our hands on our trip back to Oxshott from Neverland but we loved every single minute!

That's it love you just have a little lie down in the window of the Bulgari.

Nathalie X 

P.S Neverland to Oxshott in rush hour only took just over an hour! 

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