Sunday, 17 April 2016

It's nearly party time.....

I love a good birthday party. I love planning a good birthday party. Since having children of my own I have looked at these events with most excitement and never dread.

Next weekend we are hosting Charlie's 4th birthday party with his best friend. Charlie was born at a particularly busy time of year and around April, May and June it's not unusual for there to be a birthday party of some sort every single weekend. We are hosting the party with his best friend, and given his mum Cate and I are really good friends we thought why not share a party, halve the cost and also cut down on one more party that we have to attend?

Both our boys are both LEGO mad. There was no better theme for the party, it had to be Lego themed.

We have always provided the entertainment for the parties with the exception of last year when I was only three weeks away from having Hector we decided to host the party at the local fun in the foam gym, the kids loved it.

For Charlie's 1st birthday we threw a fancy dress Disney theme - basically a big play date! Charlie went dressed as Rex from Toy Story, we filled the room with toys and my talented sister in law made the cake which was spectacular and tasted amazing!

For Charlie's 2nd birthday he was going through the obsessive Peppa Pig stage that most toddlers go through so naturally there was not any other theme that would have been suitable. We laid artificial grass that the toddlers picniced on and had toddler sized cut out Peppa characters that they could have their photos taken with whilst the projector played episodes of Peppa over...and over...and over again. The kids had a great time but I was all pigged out by the time we had cleared up.

So, this year as well as adopting the Lego theme we have also enlisted the help of local Chertsey based party experts Dazzle and Fizz who pride themselves on creating bespoke magical children's parties. We have booked one of their entertainers to entertain thirty of Charlie and his best friend's chums for two hours.

Both Cate and I love the little details of parties so we've naturally been trawling through Pinterest for appropriate decorations to give the party that added little something.

I will be making the kids birthday cake, and Cate will be making some of her fantastic cupcakes that will go down a storm!

Meanwhile, I am off to put what I learnt with the lovely Charlotte from Piped With Love when I did my flood iced biscuit course with her. Ones first attempt should probably be with like a circle or something simple? Noooo, I'm attempting Lego men. These may be awesome or they may not even make the party - wish me luck!!

I look forward to sharing some pictures with you after the big event!

Nathalie x

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