Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Beer Bods - The Coolest Father's Day Pressie?

Father's Day is just around the corner (Sunday 19th June to be precise) and for ever since I've actually had to get presents for Tom for this day I've found it hideously hard to find the perfect pressie.

Picking pressies for Tom is always a challenge...

Tom isn't actually bothered about Father's Day a) because he's normally working, b) it means spending usually HIS money on a present for him that I think he will like (normally clothes in an attempt to drag him out of his school issued PE kit into something a little trendier), c) I think he feels that if I make a big deal he will then have to make a big deal for Mother's Day - errrr yes that's how it usually works.

Tom, in case you are reading this, which I know you will look away NOW if you want your pressie on Father's Day to remain a surprise, however if you are like me and like to be nosey read on....

Naturally, I was super excited when Beer Bods got in touch with me to see if Tom fancied a 12 week subscription to their cool online beer subscription club. Tom is a man's man. He likes wood, he likes mud, he likes to build stuff, always has random bits of wood knocking around "just in case" and he loves a real ale. Each year we travel to our beloved St. Ives in Cornwall and the holiday doesn't begin until Tom has had a sip of a pint of Doom Bar at our favourite pub, The Lifeboat Inn down in the harbour, so I knew that Beer Bods subscription would be right up his street.


So how does it work?
Well, your dad / hubby etc will receive 12 of the best beers from small, independent breweries around the world, straight to his door every three months.

The idea is that he drinks one beer a week (and doesn’t guzzle them all in one weekend!) and shares his views with other Bods during live online tasting sessions every Thursday at 9pm. On top of all this, he’ll also receive an email every week telling him the back story behind that week's beer, enabling him to wax lyrical about his new craft beer with confidence. How fun is that!
Tom loves a pint of real beer!

You can either set the subscription up for them or you can buy them a gift voucher from www.beerbods.co.uk it's as simple as that

How much does it cost?

Price: Simply select from the following gift options...
•       £36 for 12 weeks

•       £70 for 24 weeks

•       £135 for 48 weeks

I've been lucky enough to have been sent a voucher for a 12 week subscription but I know that'll just be the start as I am certain that Tom is going to LOVE this pressie! Also, the beauty of it being an online subscription you can order on the morning of Father's Day and pretend that of course you did not forget that it was today and therefore present crisis averted - result!

I look forward to sharing some pics of Tom on his Beer Bod experience on my Instagram page over the coming weeks.

Big love,

Nathalie x

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