Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The end to sewing & ironing on labels? Hello Stamptastic!

About a month or so ago I was very kindly sent some name stamps from this little company called Stamptastic. As you know I love small independent companies just setting out so I was keen to know more.

Stamptastic was set up by two local mums and they claim to have created a product that will put an end to sewing on labels and ironing on labels with a stamp and ink pad that they claim "will last wash after wash". I was intrigued to say the least. I don't sew. Hey, I don't iron and with a little boy about to start in Reception and one off to nursery where they insist on everything being labelled (fair enough) I just had to give it a try.

I filled out my order on their super easy to use website and requested two stamps (one for Charlie and one for Hector) and selected one ink pad.

In less than a week my order was popped through my letter box - happy days. With a couple of weeks till the end of term and desperate to try out the stamp and ink kit I got to stamping away.

It really is idiot proof. Simply ink and stamp - simple as that.

I stamped every item of clothing I could find from shirts (above) to pants to socks and even book bags and water bottles. Charlie is currently in transition so his clothes get washed EVERYDAY but even now after near on four weeks washing the ink has not washed out nor faded.

This is a really great time saving product. No longer will I ever have to sew on a name label, nor will I have to get the iron out simply to add an identity to a piece of clothing.

How much does it cost? Well, the ink pads themselves start from £12 and the personalised name stamps from £10 - not bad at all.

I LOVE this product. I love the quick and simpleness of it and the fact that it's a product that actually sticks to what it states to do.

So, if you have kids that need clothing labeled or maybe you work in a place where you need to label clothing like a boarding school, nursery or a sports club I urge you to place an order and kiss goodbye to pins in your fingers and iron burns!

You can place your order here, they also have this great initiative that if you register your PTA they will even give you up to 25% cashback!

Happy stamping!

Nathalie x

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Preparing for our holiday ....

So, next Friday marks the beginning of July - er, how fast is this year going?!?!?

This time in three weeks time, our bags will be packed and we will be heading off on our annual family holiday, our first as a foursome since Hector arrived and we cannot wait!!

This year we are off to Lemnos with Mark Warner. We have loved Mark Warner holidays ever since we went on our first one to Turkey a couple of years back. This year we are venturing to Greece for the first time and it's somewhere that I have always wanted to go to. 

Mark Warner, Lemnos, Greece

It's also at about this time when I start to get together all the little bits and bobs for our holiday. This is the first time that all four of us have traveled abroad so we have an extra couple of little people to think about it's best to be extra organised.

Here aside from the usual pants, bras, toothbrush here are a few extras that I will be slipping into our suitcases this summer....

A while back whilst instashopping I stumbled across this cool brand called, Salt Water Sandals. Growing up Mum always used to buy my brother and I leather sandals from Spain and these reminded me somewhat of them. Hector is just starting to toddle so a pair for him and Charlie are definitely going in the online basket - oh as well as a pair in gold for me too! They are suitable for walking on the sand and water and you need not worry about them being grubby as you can rinse them down with no worries at the end of the day! Prices for the little ones start from just £38.

Buy here

So, if I am having matching sandals with the boys then it seems only right that Tom should have matching trunks with the boys! We love Next clothing and was super excited to see that this year they have introduced a range of matching trunks for the dads and the boys! With prices starting from just £7 I could not resist getting the blue chevron ones!

Buy here

We were lucky enough to be sent a couple of months ago just as the weather was heating up from our friends at Nivea Sun Care some of their new kids roll on SPF - well it's fantastic! Charlie would always whinge at the spray being too cold and this roll on rolls on with such ease and really great ease. It's small enough to pop in the nappy bag to always have to hand and small enough that it does not take up vasts amount of space in your suitcase, prices start at £4.99 which I think is very good value for a mid to high end SPF brand. Thank you to our friends at Nivea for ensuring that our skin is protected in the sun this summer!

I love a good Harem pant and I think this style of trouser are really nice when teamed with a simple plain t-shirt or vest. I have some super ones from Primark from last year but have just seen that Marks and Spencer are doing similar this season in an array of quirky patterns which would be great for dinner in the evenings and at £15 a pair they definitely won't break the bank!

M&S Harem Beach Pant - £15

I am sure that in the next three weeks there are bound to be a few more sneeky purchases that jump in to the online basket - but in the meantime I am off to compile my "what I must pack" holiday list!

Much love,

Nathalie x


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Charlie's Summer Camps...

The summer holidays are just around the corner - can you believe that? I feel as though I've just polished off the last Easter egg, closed my eyes and now it's actually here - like next Friday here.

Whilst many parents will have an extra couple of weeks to play with, Charlie is at an independent school where the holidays are ludicrously long (although Tom is too in an independent school too and will fiercely argue this - I'm not entirely sure why, maybe he's forgotten he has the kids ALL SUMMER LONG!!) , I believe it's just shy of nine weeks and they start NEXT FRIDAY!!

Bloody hell. How an earth am I going to put on an entertainments package worthy enough to keep the little darlings entertained without sending me bankrupt by August bank holiday or selling the kids off on ebay to the lowest bidder? Whilst I am looking forward to not have to face the daily school run the thought of the summer holidays does make me break out in a small sweat and I know I am not alone in my thoughts.


Well, I am of the school of thought that I don't really believe the kids need to be in camps all summer - that said Charlie is a child that thrives when stimulated so kids camps do offer this. Next year we start school properly so I am conscious that he will also need a decent amount of time to recoup the batteries and likewise the holidays are holidays for a reason so there also needs to be time where we as a family are not burning our batteries out from early starts and running the kids from camp to camp. There has to be a balance.

So, I thought I would share with you the summer camps I've signed him up to!

As you will know we are HUGE fans of The Little Gym Cobham and was delighted to hear that despite being newly opened they too will be offering half day camps throughout the summer. Hoorah! Charlie has now been there for just under a term and has built up a great rapour with the staff there so he jumped at the chance when I asked if he wanted to do that camp. The kids camp work in two slots 9.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.30 so you can pick which slots suits your little one best. I booked his camps yesterday at his class and they were filling up quickly so give the guys a call and book your place to avoid disappointment!

Charlie has recently started tennis lessons at AD Tennis at Reed's School in Cobham. His Sunday morning lessons have started to give him the basic skills and confidence with a racket and ball. If you are not overly keen on them being out all morning then AD Tennis also offer a tennis "camp" where for £39 you can have 5 half hour lessons Monday - Friday - more information here. It's a great bonus "camp" and will keep his skills up over the summer.

As well as tennis and The Little Gym we also plan to get the most out of our memberships that we hold at Hobbledown, National Trust and The Historic Royal Palaces.

How are you planning on entertaining your little darlings this summer - would love to know, maybe you can give me some ideas?

Nathalie x
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