Saturday, 30 July 2016

Why we chose a Mark Warner holiday - Part Two....

So, if you read my last post you'll have seen our main reasons for choosing a Mark Warner holiday which was childcare, but once the kids are sorted what is left for the mums and dads to do?

I will openly say I am not a water sports person. My ideal holiday is sitting on a sun longer reading a book, sleeping and drinking cocktails whilst I people watch. Tom, unfortunately doesn't share the same interests and it's a bit like having a big kid, he needs to be entertained.

Every holiday I will laugh whilst Tom eagerly packs his "gym gear" and tells me that he will go to the gym or at least a run. Bravo to him as he usually does it. Lemnos however, did not have a gym so Tom was slightly scuppered in that department but when I suggested he go out on an "early morning run" with one of the energetic activities staff he looked keen but in between getting the kids out and up to breakfast it never happened.

One of the beauties of a MW holiday is that you really can dip in and out of the vast activities on offer. For the super sporty you can be kept occupied for hours from aqua aerobics, to HIT sessions, to tennis and to mountain biking, and that's before you've even ventured to the waterfront to dip your toe in the HUGE selection of FREE watersports available to you all included in the cost of your holiday.

What we LOVE about our MW holidays is that you just seem to make new friends with very little effort, it helps that Lemnos is a small and intimate resort where you are seeing the same faces at the pool, restaurant and bar but I can't tell you how it happens, you just make friends. We have been very fortunate to have made friends on both holidays and are still in contact many years on. It's also through these friends that you can experience new things. As I mentioned I am not a water sports person and it's because of this that Tom was lacking in the water sports buddy department but after a couple of days a few dad's found each other and before you knew it he was off taking out a Catamaran with a new found friend.

Now that said, despite me not being a water sports fan I felt obliged to don a life jacket and try my hand at a bit of paddle boarding. Well who knew I would be a natural - ok maybe not a natural as I fell off twice but after that I was going great guns and had great fun. Unfortunately there was no photo evidence as Tom was minding the kids.

There is one water sport that you MUST do and that is the sea sofa! This is basically an inflatable sofa which seats 4 people and gets dragged around at very fast speeds on the back of a speed boat - it cost 16 euros and was such fun!!!!!

With our new friends Lauren & Adrian before the sea sofa!

Ok, so here's a few good to know facts about the resort which I wanted to know before I left....

- Water - 1 litre bottles - 1 euro

- Soft drinks - Cokes, Fanta etc - 2 euros (330cl)

- Local beer is 5 euros for a large and 3 euros for a smaller one

- Ice creams are available at the beach and pool bar and prices are from 2 euros

- There is a little shop selling sweets, crisps, inflatables this is CASH ONLY

- You can charge everything to your room including extra babysitting and watersports

- Happy Hour is every night in different bars at different times which saves you 30% off alcoholic drinks in the bar.

- The sofa which gets dragged around the sea by a speed boat is a MUST - this was 16 euros per person and was worth every cent!

- You don't need to bring beach towels as they are all provided

- As mentioned previously there are loads of steralisers and baby equipment available 24/7 in the kids club

- The WiFi is only available in the reception area

I really hope we get to go on another MW holiday but what would we change next time? Honestly, nothing the only thing we would do differently is go for two weeks as one week just was not enough time!

Nathalie x

NOTE: This was NOT a sponsored post and all the thoughts and opinions written above are my own. 
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