Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Kissing goodbye to the summer....

Can you believe that as the clock strikes midnight tonight we shall be kissing goodbye to August and saying "hello" to our friend September once again.

Don't get me wrong, I've loved this summer. We have had some awesome adventures, met new friends, and spent some well overdue quality time together as a family which was so very needed but as I reflect on happy times I look forward to heading into a new month which will hail a new chapter in this years annual.

September for me is a fantastic month. In years gone by the weather has been kinder to us than the summer months and as the leaves slowly start to turn and the evenings take on a slight chill we head into yet another school year and of course autumn.

Next Monday Charlie starts in Reception and as I look at the piles of school uniform that need labeling, blazers that need to be dry cleaned and school shoes that need to be polished I just can't quite seem to get my head around the fact that my little boy is starting school for real.

I look back at my school days with such adoration and now with such pride as Charlie attends the same school that I did, and when I look at Charlie smile it mirrors the same smile I had on my face as he skips down the same path that I skipped down at that very same age. Madness really.

So, as I prepare to kiss goodbye to summer for another year here's a little round up of our amazing summer....

Thanks summer for some amazing memories! We've loved every minute!

September - WE ARE READY FOR YOU!!

Nathalie x
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