Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Bedroom Re-design Inspiration...

Charlie has been off school the last couple of days which has given me lots of time to start thinking about our next house project!

We moved into our Cottage last Christmas and have since then managed to re-do the bathroom, kitchen, kids bedrooms and reception rooms all on a relatively small budget.

Now it's the turn of our bedroom that has been neglected since we took occupancy.

I am keen to keep the theme of the bedroom pretty simple sticking with three core colours, grey, blush pink and a hint of copper.
Tom I think will be pleased with a splash of colour as our house is pretty much grey throughout - I can't help it - I like grey!

The colour that is on every wall in our house (and our old flat too!) is a colour by Dulux called Polished Pebble. I was introduced to this by my friends Sarah and Ross who had just refurbished their house and decorated it with this colour and as soon as I saw it in the flesh I knew that was the colour I had been looking for. It's a warm colour in certain lights but then a cooler colour in other lights and works really well in the Cottage.

Our bed is an upholstered grey head boarded bed and given that I have sheets and bedding sets to match a fairly neutral room this will cut down on me having to go out and having to buy extra bedding for the newly decorated room.

That said I have just stumbled across this from Ted Baker at John Lewis - would be perfect for spring days when the throw is not so necessary...

I don't plan to go wild on the copper but think a few nice accessories would add a sense of warmth to the room. I do need (sorry want!) to get some new bedside lamps and love the idea of something quite industrial possibly like these from Dunelm and reasonably priced at £19.99 too and the lampshade too at £19.99 could also work well.

Below are some pictures of the room as it stands now. 

Love this mirror from Dunelm - it's floor length free standing and was a bargain at £49.99

Contemplating painting the Ikea unit a grey colour and replacing the handles, the dressing table chair
will also be upholstered.

These wardrobes can be given a new lease of life with a lick of paint and new handles. 

I would ideally like to get the room finished before Christmas but with the weeks rapidly running away from us and being away over half term it may have to be a New Year project!

Nathalie x

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