Friday, 9 September 2016

Sssshhh..... but it's less than 100 days till Christmas (ducks for cover)...

Can you believe that it's really only less than 100 days till Christmas??

Being a local Cobham girl I always get excited when I see the first bit of social media buzz regarding the start of the Christmas season. For me, it has to kick off with Cobham at Christmas now renamed Cobham Extravaganza. It's an amazing local night where the shops open late, there are festive stalls and the smell of mulled wine in the air as we wait in anticipation for the lights to be flicked and for the tree to burst into an array of colours heralding for me the start of Christmas.

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It's madness to think that even though it's the start of September that the Christmas word is even being banded about. I love Christmas, my boss however shudders at the thought, I am the Buddy the Elf to his Grinch - it just kinda works, even the supermarkets are selling Christmas cards so it can't be that far away!

What's special about that time of year is that there is so much to look forward to. Being of Scandinavian and English descent I am very lucky to celebrate both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and this year in a break with tradition we are heading out to eat at our local pub on Christmas Eve and can you believe that already they are fully booked - shows the sign of a great pub I guess.

Being in property our industry tends to quieten down around December so I tend to take a large portion of my annual leave then often with a few days before Tom and Charlie break for the holidays so I am able to get a few bits done in peace!

This year I am so very excited as we have just booked a family weekend break to my uncles house in Bremen to enjoy the Christmas German Markets. It's a place that I fondly used to visit as a child but I am really chuffed to be going back there with Tom and Charlie. We are leaving Hector behind as he's at that age where it really would be more pleasurable travelling without him, besides he won't remember it and I'm actually looking forward to showing Charlie on his own. We are also travelling with my aunt and uncle, their three kids (all under 10) and my grandparents - think National Lampoons but no doubt more drama - it'll be great and I cannot wait!! If you are on the Ryanair flight I can only apologise in advance as it's bound to be carnage.

I know it's early but am starting to compile my bucket list of things to do and make in December. My mum whines at me every year that we squeeze too much in and yes she may be right but the boys are growing up so fast I don't want to miss out on anything.

So far on the list we have.....

1. Our yearly tradition of visiting Father Christmas at Painshill Park bookable from 7th October.

2. The spectacular Christmas lights at Kew Gardens.

3. Christmas Market in Germany.

4. A pantomime. Charlie I think will really enjoy this so it's definitely a must this year!

5. Christmas Eve box. I am going to make the kids Christmas Eve boxes (one each) filled with a Christmas film to enjoy during the day, some hot chocolate, sweet treats and new pyjamas!

6. The return of Jack Tingle our resident Elf on a shelf! Read all about last years adventures here.

There is still many more things to add to THE list, would love to know what you'd like to do and also what family traditions you have or would like to start with your little ones?

Nathalie x

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