Wednesday, 5 October 2016

No Sew Last Minute Maths Week Costumes.....

Charlie's school loves a theme week and a fancy dress day and these generally fill me with fear as parent participation is actively encouraged and I am crap at sewing and 9/10 completely forget about the sodding day until one of my friends sends a friendly reminder out on our WhatsApp group.

Take last year for example, Maths week! I totally forgot and resorted to bringing one of our FOR SALE boards home (it had our phone number on it - that was the tenuous maths link) with a view to fashioning some excellent sandwich board typeesque costume before bottling it and sending him in in his football kit because it had a number 9 on the back. Fail and it's always made worse by mums who are better organised and generally really sodding good at costumes, like Clementine's mum (there is no Clementine in our class as far as I know but I know we all have at least one Clementine's mum in every school!).

So, next week at our school it's Maths Week once again and this year I am being far more organised, our costume is already sorted (cue smug mum face) but thought that I could inspire some of you mums who like me are usually a bit!


Everyone loves a dice! Simply get your hands on an oversized box, paint it white with the relevant dots, cut a hole for the head and arms and ta-dah – one walking talking dice!

Count Dracula

Now I saw this on Pinterest and thought what a lame but marvellous idea. I love a bit of money saving and given that we are three weeks away from Halloween and the supermarkets are awash with Dracula outfits, get your mitts on one and kill two birds with one stone by making your little one go as COUNT Dracula! One costume for Maths Week that doubles as a perfect Halloween costume!!

Playing cards

Super easy. Two boards, get your red paint out and copy a playing card, string the two together with string or ribbon and hang over like a sandwich board!


Simply make a calculator out of card and attach with safety pins.


Get some bank notes and photo copy them (although do not do on your office photocopier like I did once for my colleagues niece to find that the copier had picked up the notes and identified it as a fraudulent activity and shut down the whole copier system for the entire company) do it at home or alternatively pick up some play money notes here and attach to an old t-shirt.

Good luck!

Nathalie x
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