Friday, 27 January 2017

This Surrey Mummy Approved Brand - Carpet Bright UK...

I love and I hate this time of year. I love the cold crisp mornings and those fresh sunny days but I equally hate those damp, wet and grey days that we seem to have so many of.

I don't know about you but it is at this time of year that my carpets take a particular battering. We have carpet in our entrance hall and our lounge (you have to walk through here to the kitchen) and it is a constant runway of dirt. Whether the two foot one has walked mud in on the soles of his Clarks or the dog has run through in a bid to escape with muddy paws it's at this time of year my carpets look exceptionally grubby. That was until two weeks ago!

I was contacted by a company called Carpet Bright UK who wanted to know whether they could come and clean my carpet and my sofa in exchange for an honest review - their timing could not have been better!!

It's funny is it not? We wash our clothes daily, we wash our kitchen floor, we change our bed sheets but how often do we really clean our carpets? Well we have not had the carpets cleaned here and we have lived here over a year! Luckily, touch wood, we don't have too many allergies but the Asthma and Allergy foundation recommend you clean your carpets 2-3 times a year.

So, the other Saturday the door bell rang and I was greeted by a lovely chap called Alvin who claimed that he could get my carpet washed AND dried in under three hours - I was convinced it was a unachievable task!

The carpet with one of the main offenders, Buddy!

There were quite a few stubborn stains on my carpets which I had tried and failed at removing by Alvin assured me these would come up and out - I was sceptical.

Well, I left Alvin to get on with his challenge as I carried about my morning. First of all he cleaned my sofa. Well to say it looked brand new after is an understatement. That sofa has seen so much vomit, Ribena, tea, poo, wee - you name it it's probably smeared somewhere in the sofa - grim!!

Then it was on to the carpet!!

Well I could not believe it - that seriously stubborn stain had come up!!

In under an hour and a half both the carpet and the sofa had been cleaned!

The grubby stains have gone and it looks like a newly laid carpet!

I cannot recommend the guys at Carpet Bright UK enough and if you do need to have your carpet cleaned or your sofas (they also do curtains, mattresses and end of tenancy cleans too!) give them a call and mention This Surrey Mummy to get 10% off plus a free PetCare Protection. 

Nathalie x

This was a sponsored post the thoughts as above are all my own. 
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