Thursday, 20 July 2017

How I'm Going To Try & Avoid Hearing "I'm Bored" This Summer Holiday...

I'm currently writing this post from the sun drenched island of Kos in Greece whilst Hector takes a nap in our hotel room and Charlie larks about at the beach with Tom. 

One popular phrase we have yet to hear this week is "I'm bored" - but I can guarantee that within ten minutes of us stepping off the plane next week I will be asked "what we are doing tomorrow" and that by 10.10am the following day I will have already had the "I'm bored" trademark catchphrase so I am planning ahead!!

We don't have many memberships to places, we are not Merlin pass holders and for the first time ever Charlie has NO camps lines up following last years overdose on every camp possible and I am actually looking forward to having some time with the boys at home. Feel free to quote me on this in four weeks time when I'm hitting the gin at 3pm and encouraging iPad time but until that time I will try!

I have just updated my Pinterest board with loads of activities that I found on there for combating boredom in the summer holidays that include LOADS of ideas that cost pennies and often mean you can do them in the comfort of your own home. 

Click here for my Pinterest board

I have also invested in some marbles for our NEW reward jar and some lollypop sticks for the boredom jar that I plan to make up when I get back which I will pack full of inspiration from Pinterest. 

Charlie loves a bit of competition and at his school house points mean EVERTHING to him. Finish your lunch get a house point. Do great hand writing, get a house point. With this is mind I am starting our own Webb House Point System - where marbles mean prizes BUT watch because lose more than 5 marbles in a day and you're on an instant iPad ban for 24 hours. 

I am also lucky that this September Charlie's class is being mixed up so this summer gives us a great opportunity to arrange playdates with our outgoing class as well as our incoming class. 

Being a HUGE baker this summer is the summer that I will bake more with the kids - Charlie especially. Over on my Pinterest board I have also included some easy kids baking recipes to inspire you! 

How will you be keeping your little people amused this summer  - would love to know as I am always on the look out for inspiration!

Nathalie x


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Preparing For Our Summer Holiday...

Now that I have broken up for the summer holidays I really feel I am able to start preparing for our upcoming family holiday to Kos, Greece.

I always in the months running up to going away start to buy and stash things that I see when I see them - I always think that this avoids disappointment - nothing like the regret one feels when you hesitate on buying something only to return two weeks later and your size is no longer available.

This year, like years gone by, we will be travelling to Kos with Mark Warner to stay at their Lakatira Resort. Having done many a Mark Warner holiday in the past we know the drill on what we need to bring with us clothes wise and what we don't need to bring - having said that I am always that one chewing their nails at check in as I wait to see if I will be charged extra for our baggage!

Holiday musts for us always include the usual swimming costumes, UV outfits, flip flops, t-shirts, sun cream, sun hats, headphones and calpol - lots of it!

I thought I would share with you a few of the bits that'll be being packed in our suitcase this summer!

As I am getting older I am trying to make a conscious effort to keep my face protected. This summer I've opted to give Eucerin SPF 50 face range a go. I tend to gain a more sensitive complexion when I'm in the sun so hoping this will do the trick.

Sun hat from Sunshine and Shade from £60 -
Eurcerin SPF 50 from £16.00

I adore Boden and when I saw this little nautical number I just had to get matching ones for the boys. I am just a sucker when it comes to navy and white stripes!

Clarks Pirhana - £20.00 available here
Boden Swim Trunks - from £4.80 as currently in the sale here

I love these Pirhana sandals from Clarks. Not only are the fab for boys with wide fitting feet but they are water resistant so perfect for the beach and super light weight so making them easy to pack!

As you can see my boys will be matching a lot this summer!
Clarks Piranha shoes from £20 here

Toned down neons are most definitely in for this summer in the boys ranges from High Street stores to higher end High Street stores. I love these swim shorts from TU by Sainsbury's when teamed with this super soft cotton polo from Joules.
Top - Joules
Shorts - TU by Sainsburys
Hat - TU by Sainsburys
Sandals - Piranha's from Clarks
Eucerin Sensitive Suncream from £19.50

My boys just seem to work a vest and shorts very well so I am loving the below combination and was chuffed when Hector's Godmother picked him up his very first pair of Tom's shoes - this will be a perfect look for dinner in town!

Vest - H&M
Shorts - TU by Sainsburys
Shoes - TOMS available at Office

I just love love love these water resistant paddle bags from Trunki. These are perfect for the Mark Warner kids club as they are big enough for spare clothes, nappies (in Hector's case), sun cream, shades, hat and even a small towel. We had the orange fish last year and this year Hector got the yellow fish for his birthday. Priced from just £19.99 they are the perfect poolside bag for your kids!

Trunki Paddle bags from £19.99 available here
Swim rings and water bombs from Home Bargains

I'm heading in to Kingston to pick up a few more holiday essentials this week so if I find anything fab I will be sure to share it!

Nathalie x
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