Thanks for popping by. I'm Nathalie and I am a 30-something year old family and lifestyle blogger and mum to Charlie (7) and Hector (4) and wife to Tom, more affectionately known as Webbo on my blog. 

We love living in Surrey - the vast open spaces gets us out with our dog Buddy and we love to get out and explore, the pace of life and the social opportunities through schools and playgroups has made us a whole new life since having children. 

I am a working mum as a full time Houseparent at a boarding school and my husband is also a teacher. My blog was launched in September 2015 after the birth of Hector where I was looking for someway to keep my mind active and also document our daily lives and its just grown and grown from there. I am very lucky to have a job that I love and a hobby that keeps my mind ticking over whilst opening up amazing opportunities and adventures for my family and I. 

We love travel, holidays and are a big Disney family. 

Having been a keen English and Media student I pride myself on creating relevant and current content for you that I hope you will enjoy. I am an avid social media follower and have met some incredible people and friends through the power of mediums such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In 2016 I launched my YouTube channel and this year will look to grow my following further so I'd be delighted if you'd stop by. 

Thanks for popping by for a read and I look forward to you joining us on our adventures of raising two boys in Surrey. 

Nathalie x