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100 Tons Of Plastic

A couple of months ago we made the small change as a household to switch to glass milk bottles. It was one way that we could do our bit to make a change and also our small part to tackle the growing issue that our every day plastic is having on our oceans and more importantly its inhabitants.

My nephew George has really opened up our eyes to just how big the battle really is.

George Heming, 18, on his campaign 100 Tons Of Plastic

George is an 18 year old passionate sailor who loves to be at sea more than on land. He comes from a family of sailors and being on the sea is to be where he is happiest. He recently got accepted on the prestigious Clipper Round The World Race. But before he embarks on the hardest challenge in his young 18 years he wants to embark on what could be an even bigger challenge. George would like to set sail knowing that he has cleared the ocean of 100 tons of plastic.

Over Easter I sat down with George to find out more about his cause and how we as families can do a little bit more...

What is it about the outdoor and the ocean that you love and when did your interest become serious?...

I have been a sailor from a very young age as you know. I love being outdoors and on the water, it’s something I think everyone should experience in their life. I always wanted to do something that was adventurous and out of my comfort zone. When I was 14 I said to myself when I leave school I’m going to sail round the world. I have kept to my word and in September 2017 I was accepted onto the 2019 Clipper Round the World Race.

The Clipper Race is the biggest round-the-world ocean race and is also regarded as one of the toughest endurance challenges on the planet. It’s going to be a huge mental and physical challenge for me to undertake but I am determined to succeed. I will be sailing over 40,000 nautical miles, visiting 13 countries, sailing across the toughest oceans that not many people venture to.

Tell me a little bit more about your campaign100 Tons Of Plastic...

100 Tons of Plastic. My goal is to be responsible in some way of collecting 100 tons of plastic from our ocean, while educating and raising awareness of the problem of plastic and what we can do about it.

That's quite the undertaking George. Ok, so how can we help and how can other families help do our bit?...

Ok, so there are a couple of really simple things that people and families like yours can do to help make a difference

Firstly - Reduce your use of single-use plastics:

This is one of the easiest and most direct way you can help the problem of plastic. Examples of single use plastic are water bottles, disposable cups and plastic bags. Get a reusable coffee cup and plastic bag and it may even save you a bit of money! And remember those bags that you purchased when you went shopping - start by remembering them - no point buying them if you aren't going to use them! Buy paper straws and swap them for regular plastic straws and next time you are out for dinner ask for your drink to come without a straw! Do what you've done and switch to glass milk bottles - be part of the come back of the milkman!

The milkman is making a comeback!


When you use plastic and it can be recycle its key that you do so. This helps keep them out of the ocean and reduces the amount of “new” plastic in circulation.

Make a conscious effort to recycle as and where you can

Beach clean:

Many of you will be going to the beach this summer. Grab a bucket and collect the rubbish and plastic that is swept up every single day on shore. Get the kids involved, get them to collect the rubbish. Educate them. Show them Blue Planet. Teach them to be ecologically and environmentally responsible. If we can hit home to the younger generations that we must do our bit that's a huge part of the battle won - awareness is key!

Why not organise a beach clean up this summer?

What about organising a beach clean with your friends? Get in touch with me so that I can send over some resources and I may even be able to come along. Remember it doesn't matter if you are by the coast or in a land locked county. There's a real problem with plastic and other nasties getting into rivers, harming wildlife and ultimately making it to the sea. So anything is a big help!

Share your mini beach cleans with the weight of your clean-up success using #100tonsofplastic

Now, obviously getting accepted onto the Clipper Race is amazing achievement in itself but it's also costly. Can we donate towards your challenge?...

Yes! Shamless plug here! For every £1 you can donate counts towards a mile I will sail round the world http://bit.ly/100tonsofplastic

Thanks George - now how can we get others to know about your cause and your aims?...

Well, why not get your school or company to book me for a presentation and you can always pop over to my main website for more info is at www.100tonsofplastic.org !

Thanks to George for giving us some really great ideas on how we can do our bit at home!