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Boys Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Picks....

The temperature is most definitely dipping and as half term approaches I've started to look through the boys wardrobes and see what needs updating. 

Charlie seems to be growing at the rate of knots and Hector is now in 18-24 months clothes and it's dawned on me that I don't actually have much for him as Charlie's clothes at this age were fairly grotty and clearly were not worth saving for second time around.

I have to say that normally I dread shopping for the boys, especially Hector's age range as usually everything is adorned with characters and for Charlie's age they are more suited to older boys when I would prefer clothes for him that suit his age, 4.

I thought I would share with you a few picks that I will be getting for the boys wardrobes for their autumn/winter wear 2016.

First up is Jo Jo Maman Bebe - it remains to this day my go to reliable brand for childrens clothes albeit now that Charlie is slightly too big for majority of their range Hector fits a treat. This season there are some great multi buy offers on which if you are like me like nothing more than an excuse to spend money and save money.

I'm having a slight love affair with their fox range - Hector already has the fox leggings and we get such compliments on them.

Fox Leggings - £10 as modeled by Hectie (save £5 when you buy two)

Fox Hoodie - £20

Fox Top - £12 (save £5 when you buy two tops)

Fox Extra Thick Leggings - £10.00 (Save £5 when you buy two)

Next up is a firm favourite of mine, good old, Boden. Now, this whilst is a "High Street" brand commands much higher than your average High Street price and given I have two boys don't mind spending a little extra on clothes for Charlie from here given they will eventually get given to Hector. I'm still saddened that they closed the majority of their High Street stores.

Charlie is forever in, out, in, out of his hoodies and I love the furry lining of this one which is bound to keep him cosy in the colder months - there is also 10% off across the store at the moment which is always a bonus!

Borg Lined Zip Hoodie - £32.50

Printed t-shirt - £17.50

Now, when it comes to jeans for both my boys I tend to only shop at Zara, and 9/10 if I am going for a skinny stretchy jean it's usually from the girls section. Both my boths have small waists and I find that the jeggings style suits their shape better.

So, the jeans are not the cheapest around but they wash so well that I don't mind spending a bit more on them.

Skinny Harem jeans from £16.00

Now, finally, footwear! I am a big fan of Ugg boots and I think they are so great for the kids, both boys and girls alike. They are an easy, go to, warm, slip on boot that is so useful for the wintery months, the downside is that they are not cheap so it's worth checking out eBay for second hand ones as the kids grow out of their shoes so quickly we've been known to pick up a pair for £11.

Ugg Classic Boot

There are so many deals around on the High Street at the moment it's always worth registering with the brands that you love direct so that you don't miss out on any of those 10% and 25% off codes as well as previews of the forthcoming collections!

Happy shopping!

Nathalie x