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Welcome to the brand new look This Surrey Mummy!

So, for 2018 I decided that I wanted to give my website a new image, overhaul, you know new look for a new year! I’ve loved blogging my way through the last two years but feel that 2018 really is the year that I would like TSM to just POP! I’m really going to give my YouTube channel here a real push where I will aim to create videos that you want to see. If you’d like to follow us daily then hop over to here where I'm on Instagram where you’ll see little squares of what we get up to!

As for this website well, I love my baking and cooking so you’ll be seeing a lot more recipes and ways to feed your families at home, and someone told me recently to spend money on experiences and not materialistic things so with this in mind I am going to give the travel aspect a real push covering adventures both here and abroad that you too can do with your own family. As you’ll know if you read the blog that Charlie struggles with his learning so I am going to be dedicating a whole section to helping your kids learn at home and how you can find a way to learn in everything that your kids do at home.  In 2016, I left my previous job and started a new job that fitted more with my family but because of that our household income dropped and I’ve realised that I am able to earn from this website and my blog and in 2018 I will look to collaborate with more brands and companies. Don’t worry I won’t be selling out and promoting any old thing that comes my way. I will continue to only work with brands and companies that I think you’ll want to hear about and ones that genuinely interest me but where I do it’ll always be fully disclosed.  I hope you’ll have fun having a look around the new site and would love to know your thoughts and remember to subscribe to get posts direct to your inbox.  Huge love,  Nathalie x