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Capturing the moment with Caroline Stocking Photography...

I adore taking photos - in fact I would go as far as to say I am obsessed with taking photos - especially of my family. However, there is one thing that I am very guilty of is and that is always tending to stay behind the camera and rarely in front of it in the actual picture.

My boys are growing up so quickly and I only have to browse back over my Instagram feed to see just how quickly that's happening and in front of my eyes. It was actually through Instagram that I stumbled across Caroline Stocking Photography. After a few mutual likes here and there we started chatting via Instagram and before I knew it we were due to meet at 1030am on a damp autumn morning half term.

What I loved instantly about Caroline's style was that she just "got it". She got the type of photos I wanted to achieve and there was no pressure to nail the shot and especially with two children and a dog that was never going to be easy.

Whilst I wanted cool and casual shots I wanted us all to roughly match - or should I say compliment each other! Boys were decked out in H&M kids, whilst Webb opted for an older number from Crew Clothing and I wore a spotty blue and white number from Primark and I even pushed the boat out and had my hair blow-dried before that at Baloolah

Naturally the boys started off happy as larry but as the shoot went on their enthusiasm wore off and the willingness to smile naturally seemed to disappear - that said Caroline, goodness knows how she did it managed to keep them going and pull off the nicest shots I have of the boys.

Photos are an amazing thing. A snapshot of life at that time and I am so pleased that I now have some really lovely family photos of all of us together.

Thank you to Caroline for taking the time to come and shoot my family and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you'd be interested in getting Caroline to take some beautiful photos of you and your loved ones then you can get in touch with her at www.carolinestockingphotography.com . Nathalie x


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