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Date Night Review.... The Ivy Cobham Brasserie

I am a big foodie. I'm not a fancy foodie. I like Masterchef and programmes like that but the prospect of actually visiting and eating at those restaurants leaves me feeling well quite frankly....hungry.

We don't go out to eat that often and when we do we end up frequenting the same old child friendly places, Pizza Express, Nando's, Wagamamas - all those places you know and trust but let's be honest when it's your anniversary and you want a special night out those types of restaurants don't really cut it, do they? I wanted somewhere that we wouldn't ordinarily take the children, I wanted to drink wine and eat really great wholesome food that wouldn't be presented to me in too fancy a way, oh and to add to some romance I wanted tea lights.

It was our sixth wedding anniversary, I will be honest Webbo forgot it but luckily I had secured a table of two at the HOTTEST restaurant in Surrey!

There had been rumours flying around for ages, will it open, is it true? But in June this year The Ivy Cobham Brasserieopened its doors up on the site of the old La Capana in my village of Cobham. With it's green exterior teamed with the gold signature lettering and mysterious stained glass at the front we knew that whatever lay behind those big double doors that it would be special.

Our table was booked for 8pm which gave me approximately twenty two minutes two get my groove together and for Webbo to order an Uber once the kids were settled. Black sheer shirt, three inch heels and some bright lippy I was ready to go OUT OUT.

We headed out and arrived shortly before 8pm with enough time spare to enjoy a glass of champagne pre dinner. The bar is a beautiful place to sit and people watch for pre dinner drinks. Now this was not my first visit to the restaurant and what I have come to observe and what I love is that if you want to dress up you won't look out of place yet if you want to don a pair of jeans and killer heels you'll feel perfectly at home too. The place just oozes cool. I've been really lucky over the years to eat at some amazing restaurants but for me the whole prospect of getting dressed up and heading up to London nowadays fills me with dread but now we have a place to go which fulfils that luxury restaurant and London feel without the trek up the A3.

We were showed to our table - and it was a goodie - probably one of the best in the restaurant to my excitement. We were seated in the extended garden room which has huge bi-fold doors overlooking the walled garden. Sitting on plump cushions on the heavy wrought iron chairs surrounded by tea lights and warm heat flowing freely gave us the feeling of sitting outside without the need for a sweater (that said they do offer diners gorgeous green blankets should the feel chilly).

The waiter was fabulous in advising us the different wines on offer and opted for a Sauvignon Blanc which we polished off over the evening.

The menu is fabulous. There is something for everyone from the fanciest palate to traditional cuisine like Shepherds Pie - which I am told is to die for! For starters we went for the smoked salmon and the Atlantic scallops on a bed of pea and broad bean puree with a side order must try salt crusted sour dough bread.

Now for mains you'll be spoilt for choice and in the end I went with the aromatic duck curry with steamed jasmine rice (it's become my favourite!) and if you love steak then you will love the Ribeye (which Webbo opted for) which was served with thick cut chips and Bearnaise sauce. When I visited with friends before a couple of my girlfriends opted for the blackened cod fillet which they all agreed was better than Nobu!

Despite feeling fit to burst being the little piglet that I am I went for the strawberry ice cream sundae and my goodness it did not disappoint! It was served in an ice cold silver sundae bowl and came with a mini jug of strawberry sauce which I wasted no time in pouring all over it whilst Webbo went for his favourite Creme Brûlée!

The Ivy Cobham Brasserie is beautiful. It has far become my favourite restaurant and I am using any excuse possible to visit time and time again. The menu is varied and there is always something new to choose from. It's the perfect venue for a relaxed breakfast to lunch with friends to an intimate dinner and there can't be that many restaurants that can tick all those boxes at once.

Have you been to The Ivy? What did you think?

Huge thanks to Richard and his team at The Ivy for our anniversary dinner and making it so special, we can't wait to dine with you again!

If you too would like to experience The Ivy experience then telephone their reservation line on 01932 901777 to book your table.

Nathalie x


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