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Homemade Lemon Sherbet Gin!

I love gin and at Christmas I got my mitts on a bottle of Heston's Lemon Sherbet Gin from Waitrose. It got me thinking... how hard could it possibly be to make homemade lemon sherbet gin?

Well the answer is simple - it's super easy!

Here's how you do it...

What you'll need...

1 bottle of gin (any gin - I went for Sainsbury's own London Gin)

10 x lemon sherbet sweets

1 x lemon

How you do it...

Peel large pieces of zest from the lemon being careful not to get too much of the bitter white pith.

Pour out approx 100ml of gin into a glass.

In a bag crush the lemon sherbet sweets to a fine powder.

Carefully pour the crush sweets into the gin and add the lemon zest.

Put the top back on and store the gin in a dark cool place for at least two weeks.

With the remaining gin in the glass pour over some tonic and that is it!

After a couple of weeks take the gin out and pour over a sieve to remove any little bits before returning it back to the bottle!

The gin will take on an amazing yellow colour from the sweets and the zest but it also takes on the smell of the sherbet beuatifully.

This is a perfect gin for Easter as it's such a pretty colour but it's equally good at any time of the year.


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