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Jazzing Up Lunch With Crosta & Mollica...

I don't know about you but I am never terribly creative when it comes to lunchtime meals. Both my kids are catered for Monday - Friday and given I am not a massive weekend lunch eater lunch normally falls by the wayside so when our friends at Crosta & Mollica, the Italian baked goods company got in touch saying that they had a sure fire way of jazzing up our lunchtimes I was all ears. Now I love so many of their products, my favourite being their fig jam which is just like the one they serve at Carluccios!

Lunch on a Saturday usually consists of a sandwich with some pretty standard fillings, ham, cheese, you know the usual, my kids are not very wild when it comes to sandwich fillings but this weekend we tried Crosta & Mollica's new 'Piada' range.

Now "whats a piada" I hear you call. Well a piada is an Italian style flatbread made with extra virgin olive oil, upon first appearance one would mistake it for a tortilla style wrap but a piada (Italian style sandwich) is in fact folded and not rolled.

Charlie naturally opted for the white classic piada whilst I delved my toe with a wholemeal number. They look very much like a wrap but the texture is flakier and definitely thicker and richer and when warm is actually quite tricky to roll (old habits die hard!) but folded a treat! In order to make them extra yummy you warm them in a dry frying pan for 30 seconds or so each side. 

Charlie was feeling a little more adventurous and went with a chicken goujon and garlic mayo piada whilst I pushed the boat out and went for fried halloumi and sweet chilli.

Now the piadas itself have a distinct olive oil taste but it's pleasant and not too over powering. The challenge that Charlie found was eating it like a sandwich but rather preferred to pick the chicken out and eat the heated piada separately - so not the way I know!

We really liked the piadas and would definitely buy them again, they were also especially nice on their own, toasted and dipped in humous!

If you fancy trying a piada for yourself you can buy the Crosta & Mollica ones from Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco and Morrisons.

Thanks to our friends at Crosta & Mollica for jazzing up our weekend lunch!

Nathalie x

Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post with Crosta & Mollica to promote their Piada range - all views are This Surrey Mummy's alone.