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Making Bath Bombs With Butlin's!

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by our friends at Butlin's to help them celebrate British Science week.

Tom being the teacher that he is is always keen to find new and exciting ways of getting the kids involved in hands on learning.

Well, Butlin's have teamed up with the folk at the Royal Institution and L'Oreal UK and Ireland and kindly sent us this fun at home pack with everything we need to make our very own.....bath bombs!!

Now, we LOVE bath bombs. The boys had their first bath bombs in their Christmas Eve box this Christmas just gone and they we mesmerised. Now, as much as I love them they are a little eye watering on the purse strings with it not being unusual for one of the fizztastic beauties to set you back a couple of quid so the prospect of making some at home was right up our street.

So, we set about making them in the shapes of hearts and regular cupcake shape (my choice) and Lego men (the boys choice...naturally) and here is all you'll need to recreate the bath bombs in your own home.

See - look almost shop purchased, I promise they were not! 

What you'll need.... - 40g Sodium bicarbonate powder (Baking Soda to us normal folk) - 20g Citric Acid powder - Liquid colour (check that the colour does not stain your skin before using) - Fragrance or essential oil (we picked lavender) - Witch hazel (you can use water but I adore the smell)

You'll also need.... - mixing bowl - whisk - scales - shape mould (we used the silicone ones) - baking paper - spray bottle for witch hazel or water

Don't worry at first I thought it all looked far too complicated and Breaking Bad for my liking but stick with me!

How to make a bath bomb... 1. Weigh out 40g Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Powder)

2. Add 20g Citric acid to the bowl

3. Use the whisk to gently wish and mix the powder ensuing to press out any lumps (you want a fine powder sandy consistency).

4. Add there or there abouts 3-4 drops of food colour and mix well. Don't add too much else it'll start to fizz.

5. Add a couple drops of the essential oil and mix again.

6. Squirt three squirts of the witch hazel and start to bring the mixture together with your hands.

7. Now, slowly and gently pack the mixture tight into your silicone mould and press firm down. Really keep pressing so it's nice and compacted.

8. Now, lay out some baking paper and gently turn your bath bomb out onto the surface.

9. Leave the bath bomb for at least an hour to dry out. We have now left ours two weeks and they are just like the ones you get in Lush!

10. Run yourself a hot bath and submerge one of your little fizztastic beauties into the water and watch it bubble away!


N x