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Making time for you...

I have recently started a particularly full on job as a Houseparent of a boys boarding house and working six days a week will become a toll on my body so it's vital that on my day off I do something for me and something that will help restore calm and enhance my well being for my own sanity.

Last month I visited The Massage Company in Camberley just up the road for me to try out one of their massages. I love having a massage and as soon as I've had one I instantly question why I haven't had one for ages and why I don't do it more often!

Founded by Charlie Thompson and Elliot Walker, The Massage Company™ opened its first centre in Camberley in March 2016 and is planning to expand on a national scale. They wanted to make it easier for people to benefit from massage; to make it routine – from once in-a-blue moon (that was me!) to once a month; and to change people’s understanding of the positive effects regular massage can have on different aspects of their life. Their vision was simple: to bring high-quality massage to the mainstream. They wanted people to see massage as good value for money, so it can become a vital and routine part of a better and balanced quality of life.

Massage has been proven in so many ways to help relieve the stresses and aches of daily life as well as many other things including....

- Reducing Muscle Pain - Post work out muscles can be sore and can be eased with a massage, as it increases circulation, which helps reduce pain.

- Helping to lower stress and anxiety - massage therapy has been proven to have a positive impact on the immune system and can help uplift ones mood. In other words, if you’ve been feeling anxious, over worked or stressed of late, it might be a good idea to book a massage.

- Boosting your immune system - massage therapy has a positive impact on ones immune system, as it promotes the creation of white blood cells, which help fight off diseases.

- Helps aid a good night sleep! - Massage therapy has been proven to reduce sleep disturbances allowing you to be more rested - something I will be needing!

Open from 7am - 9pm The Massage Centre Camberley offers massage memberships from £49.95 per month entitling you to one (or two 25 minute) massage per month so for me on my day off once a month I will book a massage to melt away the stresses and tensions of the day (and night!) job.

I'm so glad I've finally decided to invest a bit of money in me and I can't wait for my next massage!

Nathalie x