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Oh Hello Fresh!

A couple of weeks ago we were kindly contacted by those friendly folk at Hello Fresh who asked if we would like to try out their Family Box for a week to see what we thought.

Well why not!

Hello Fresh want to bring fresh wholesome ingredients direct to your door with easy to read recipes that accompany their easy to cook recipes.

Hello Fresh will individually bag up all your ingredients in recyclable brown bags with the exact amount needed for each recipe. Each box of food is delivered with insulated wool bags (we chucked ours on the compost) and reusable ice packs (perfect for a picnic in Summer) and i'm not sure what time our box was delivered as I was out but by the time I had unpacked the food it was still very cold.

Tom is a big eater and one thing that has always put me doing one of these subscription boxes is that I know he will whinge over how small the portion size is. Well with Hello Fresh we had NO complaints - in fact the only complaint would be that the portion sizes for a family (4 people) were probably a bit big for our family of 2 adults and 2 children - but this is a minor thing and one reason why I would use them again because we felt with each meal we got value for money.

All the produce in the boxes was very fresh and looked incredibly appetising even in its uncooked state! The below box was all the ingredients for four meals for four people.

Now, Hector will eat just about anything but Charlie is one fussy little thing so I was unsure how gnocchi bolognese and feta and leek topped chicken would go down but given he polished off all his meals we had no issue!

The Gnocchi Bolognese With Cheesy Broccoli was amazing!!!

Each of the recipes comes with very clear recipe cards that talk through step by step just how to achieve that meal.

One thing that I loved about the box was the fact that I was cooking really exciting new dishes from scratch. Every meal we had was delicious and there was not one which I thought "hmmm not sure about this".

I was sent four recipes that were already pre selected for me but now having had two further boxes and downloaded the app I can pick the recipes I would like in my box and for the last two weeks we have continued to have some really delicious family meals that have pushed our taste buds out of the box.

So, would I have it again? Yes! For us a family of four the last couple of weeks I have paid £64 for four four person meals - that has reduced my weekly shopping bill dramatically having only had top up for things like loo roll, milk, tea, bread etc. I love the variety of the recipes. I love the way that I am creating great family meals without really having to think about it.

Hello Fresh you've converted us - looking forward to Monday's box!

Bon Apetit!

Nathalie x