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Petit Fernand - Labels For Your Little One!

A couple of months ago I put a request out over on Instagram stories for peoples recommendations for labels that they use with their kids for things like clothing to snack pots.

There was one stand out brand name that stood out as used, trusted and tested by many of my followers. Petit Fernand.

The lovely people over at Petit Fernand had also seen my stories and very kindly sent me two sets for Charlie and Hector and over the course of this term we've been putting them to the test and I am pleased to say that they live up to all their fans comments - they are fantastic.

Firstly - they are great value. The pack I received had over 140 multi purpose labels retailing at only £30.00.

Secondly, they came really quickly which was marvellous as I'm always leaving things to the last minute!

What is fantastic is that all the labels are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant and sticks onto garments within 12 seconds. The sticker labels have also made it through the dishwasher on numerous occasions never losing their stick or their colour! The pack arrives in a handy brightly coloured book, all the labels are able to be kept together so you do not have lots of sheets that undoubtably get lost (like my previous set of labels!).

The website is stupidly easy to navigate and the labels took less than five minutes to personalise and click they were being made and before I knew it they had arrived.

These labels are a fantastic purchase and are just ideal for all your back to school or nursery label needs!

Thanks to Petit Fernand for sending us these labels and long may all our items continue to stay with us or at least be returned to us if inevitably lost at school!