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Refurb Your Ikea Play Kitchen For Under £30 - Part Two...

So, as you know earlier in the week I embarked on my half term challenge of refurbing the kids Ikea play kitchen.

Stage one was turning the plain white back to a chalk board ready for whatever the boys wanted it to be.

Play cafe by day....

Mrs Webb's Gin Bar by night!

Well last night Webbo embarked on the final stage of the refurb - painting and new work tops!

Let me remind you what the kitchen looked like BEFORE...

Ikea Play Kitchen available to purchase here

Ok so here's how we jazzed up our little kitchen.... What you will need... - Paint colour of your choice (we used left over paint from our kitchen which was a Valspar paint from B&Q) - a small pot will be more than enough.

- Masking tape

- Sticky self adhesive film - we used this which is available from Wilkos

- A craft knife / Stanley knife

- Sandpaper

How you do it...

1. First start by taking the kitchen apart. Top cupboard off, work top off (popping the oven and sink out), tap and handles.

2. Mask up all the areas you don't want painted. In our case we did windows, black board.

3. Lightly sand the surfaces down with the sand paper.

4. Give all the areas you want painted a first coat of paint and allow to dry for at least an hour.

5. Whilst the first coat is drying move on to your work top. Roll out your deco plastic and place the work top on top and using the stanley knife gently cut out a template allowing at least 1/2cm around each opening (hob, sink) to allow it to be wrapped around so it were.

6. Remove the backing paper of your deco paper and place on top of work top smoothing out all the air bubbles. This is fiddly but stick with it!!

7. Once your first coat is done reapply the paint for a second coat and leave to dry over night.

8. Once it is firmly dry reassemble the kitchen and pop back in the hob and sink.

Ta da! You've just refurbished your Ikea play kitchen for under £30 and given it a new lease of life!!

Would love to see pics of your kitchen creations!

Nathalie x