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So, yeah, I just quit my job...

So you may have seen from my recent blog post that my life has been on a bit of a roller coaster these last few weeks and now I can break my silence and tell you why.

I have today left my job.

I loved my job. I loved the freedom, the ambition, the general public (yes even the weird one from no. 46 who came in and told me about his scabby toes) and the job satisfaction that I got from my job and whilst I understand that in all businesses when times are challenging that cutbacks must be made it is still an emotional and upsetting time for all involved.

There is something that I will miss more than ever. I will miss my colleagues terribly. When you start any job it's pot luck whether you can bare to even stomach the colleagues that HR have thrown you together with but my goodness when you get a good bunch it makes you realise how bloody lucky you are. No one knows more than my colleagues how I like my tea, how to pop a piece of chocolate on my desk at just the right time, who put up with my really bad afternoon singing and who have also comforted me in times of joy and sadness, hey on a weekly average I spend more time with these guys than I do my own family and I will cherish the time we had and look back fondly on our times together.

Luckily for me things were more on my say. Alternatives were offered to me but they simply would not suit where I wanted to be at the age of nearly 32 on November 9th 2016. My family must now come first and that is my priority.

If one thing that being made redundant has taught me is that I now have a shot to try and find a job/career that fits around my life and my family rather than finding a job which means that I miss bath and bedtimes, I miss those precious won't get those moments back despite a pay cheque compensating for it moments and above all from now on things will be on my terms.

I have to remember that being made redundant is nothing personal and it's by no ways a reflection of me as a person and when the times can be uncertain and it feels like there is a big fat looming cloud I know that there is one hell of a silver lining coming and it will all be for the better.

Onwards and upwards.

Nathalie x