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Sunday Round Up....

Well, as another weekend draws to a close, the Yorkshire Puddings are in the oven, I thought that I would just share with you some highlights from our week!

Earlier in the week was Pancake Day - always a fun event in our household. It's amazing how many pancakes small people and indeed big people can in fact eat! This week we made over 40 pancakes!!

Some popular posts on my blog have included my Cheats Bourbon Brownies and my Easiest Ever White Chocolate Easter Cheesecake which was featured over on LovedByParents where I've been sharing some of my recipes!

We are on the countdown to the Easter holidays in this house - WOO HOO!!! We are heading off to St. Ives for some much needed Cornish air and r'n'r. We are hoping to visit the Eden Project this year too with Charlie - have you been? Would love to know what you think!

On the menu this week for dinners we've got Cottage Pie (Slimming World friendly), "Nandos" style chicken with Mexican rice and wholemeal pittas, cheesy pizzas, Teriyaki chicken, homemade chips with fish and a take away Saturday night!

On the subject of dinners, last night we asked Charlie to pick our restaurant for dinner - and guess where he picked? McDonalds! So, off we ventured to the Cobham services for dinner. Strangely I suspect we were not the only parents treating the kids to tea out!

When we got home we made some Elephant Lanterns which were included in a pack from WWF UK who are encouraging people to get involved with Earth Hour. We had great fun making them!

All you need is tissue paper, PVA glue, plastic milk bottles, scissors and a small LED candle.

Anyways, off to tend to the Sunday Roast, have a great weekend!

Nathalie x