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The Easiest Ever Pancake Recipe!

In our house we don't need an excuse like Pancake Day for us to enjoy these deliciously simple tea time or really anytime treat.

They are the perfect after school meal which is quick and filling.

Pancakes always remind me of growing up and after schools spent at my Nanny's house (which just happened to be across the road). I would walk to the bottom of the road with my grandad to collect my auntie off the school bus and we would walk back to be greeted by the lovely buttery smell of fresh pancakes - usually filled with my favourite warm strawberry jam.

These days my kids like to smother them in chocolate spread or grated cheese.

I tend to stick to the same recipe every year and just because it's easy and it works, every time. You will need...

2 eggs 300ml of milk 100g plain flour Butter

How to make them... 1. Pop the flour, eggs, milk into a bowl and whisk to a smooth batter.  2. Grab your frying pan and heat over a medium heat and add a small knob of butter. Once it starts to melt tilt it around the pan. Now add some pancake mix to the pan and swirl around. Cook your pancakes for about 45 seconds -  1 min on each side until golden. 3. Serve with whatever you fancy whether it's sugar and lemon, ham and grated cheese or chocoate spread and golden syrup! Make sure you get your camera out and capture those happy faces as they tuck into their pancakes! Nathalie  x


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