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Wardrobe Overhaul with You Need A Vicky

I'm a pretty organised and tidyish kind of person. I think I've got my s**t together most of the time and not a lot tends to phase me, but there is one thing that down to a fault only of my own that can send me over the edge each time that I open it and that is my wardrobe.

Imagine taking the time to wash, fold, ironing all your clothes, then basically balling them up in a ball and shoving them into a creasy hell. Well, welcome to my wardrobe!!!!!

My wardobe has got so bad that I literally rotated between three or four tops and that was it. I had lovely new clothes but they were hidden away amongst old maternity wear, clothes I would never wear again, clothes that made me feel fat, clothes that made me look fat, clothes that I was too fat for, too thin for (yes there were a few!!) and it had gotten so out of control that I had a serious case of CBA (can't be arsed) when I thought about sorting it out. So it got neglected and it got worse to the point in which I needed help.

I came across trawling Instagram an account belonging to Vicky Silverthorn from You Need A Vicky who offers a Decluttering and Professional Organiser service. She's worked with many celebs and even appeared on ITV's This Morning. This is what I needed. I saw that she had written a book called "Start With Your Sock Drawer" that I immediately downloaded and began to start reading.

Vicky started her first business in 2010 but after ten years working as a PA for well known names such as Lily Allen as well as professional sports people she decided that she wanted to concentrate on the area of Professional Organisation and Decluttering. Her belief is that it starts at home; if your home is in shape, other elements of your life will follow. This is what I needed. I contacted Vicky and explained the predicament that I had got myself in to and she and I arranged a time for her and her "team" to come and sort me out.

So, on a sunny Tuesday morning in April she appeared along with two of her colleagues determined to sort out my life basically. I was relieved to be honest, oh and embarrassed about the state of my wardrobe too but she put my mind at ease and assured me that I was very normal. I still reckon she was just being polite!!

Vicky and the team coming to my rescue!

Cup of tea in hand I was told to sit on the bed whilst her team got all my clothes out whilst I decided whether the items how the items made me feel when I wore them and encouraged me to part with clothes that realistically was I ever really likely to wear. As I went through each item by item I started to discover pieces that I had forgotten I even owned as well as items that there was not ever a chance I would wear again.

Before I knew it we were up to TEN bags!! These were destined for the charity shop of my choice which in this instance was The Princess Alice Hospice in Cobham.

Even Webbo's wardrobe got an overhaul! 

The eye of the storm

I was soooooo embarrassed about the amount of clothing that I owned!

Then it was on to Tom's clothes!! She did the same method with him and we went through parting with items that he was never likely to wear again or that has simply seen better days.

As each piece entered the "keep" pile it was swiftly whipped away, re folded and designated a new home. It was mesmerising to watch!! The girls taught me how to fold clothes in order to gain maximum space. I'm a folding addict now!!

In less than 4 hours my wardrobe went from a place where freshly washed and ironed went to die in a crinkle hell to a place where ever piece of clothing ever designed wants to end up.


Now I can shop my own clothes!! 

Vicky just tweaking the pieces!

I can't tell you how lovely it is to be able to open my wardrobe and see clothes that I have not worn in ages, new pieces I purchased but forgot that I had and just being able to pick out a top that is not black!!

Thank you so much to Vicky and her team for sorting my wardrobe out. The tidying bug has definitely caught on in our house, no room is safe!!

If you think you would like to speak to Vicky and her team about organising your home why not get in touch with her or visit her website  for more information on the services she offer.

Nathalie x