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Webbo Does The Virgin Money London Marathon...

If you follow me on Instagram then you may well have followed our story from Sunday as we made our way around the streets of London because yesterday Webbo participated in the Virgin Money London Marathon.

The London Marathon is an amazing event.  In fact it’s the only race in the world where a plumber, a teacher, a street cleaner, in fact any old Joe Bloggs can apply to run in the same race with professional runners who's employment is to train specifically for THAT race whereas everyone else fits their training in around the normal goings on of their daily lives.

This year was the first time I ever had been a spectator for this event. I ran the marathon back in 2009 and what I remember fondly was all the random people shouting my name and spurring me on, handing me sweets and clapping, furiously clapping, as I passed each mile marker.

We ventured up to London early Sunday morning and headed over to Deptford, my Dad’s old stomping ground where we met up with my couisns or who would also be renamed “Webbo’s Team”. From here we followed him around the course soaking up the atmosphere of the day as we went along.

The marathon for a spectator as for all involved is an incredibly emotional day. Not only are you waiting at your mile markers for a glimpse of your loved one among the 50,000 runners, but you are also watching all these different people from different walks of like running their socks off for a cause that means so much to them and you can't help but get caught up in the emotion of it all.

London looked amazing. London is most definitely open for business. The streets were lined with sellers selling ice creams to wraps and the pubs were bursting at the seams! Street music played wherever you walked and the positive vibes of the day filled the streets. London really knows how to put on a party.

We had an amazing day supporting Webbo in his efforts for The Princess Alice Hospice and I would seriously urge you that next year, if you know ANYONE running to go up and support. It’s a great fun family day out and I can tell you,  that as an ex marathon runner, just supporting the people as they run, shouting their names, giving them a high five and encouraging to “just keep going”, just how much that means to them.

Webbo was running for The Princess Alice Hospice in memory of his dad, Bill Webb, who passed away there in June 2015. The hospice is an amazing place that apart from a little relief from the NHS relies purely on donations.

If you would like to sponsor Webbo you can still do so uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RunningForDad

Nathalie x