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Weekend Treats - The Oreo Milkshake

Charlie has always been a big fan of Oreos. So this evening I thought I would knock up a Friday night treat using his favourite biscuit.

Our Nutribullet is used for milkshakes more these days and I can't remember the last time a kale leaf graced its presence but they are FAB for milkshakes.

What you will need...

2 x scoops of vanilla ice cream  3 x oreo cookies 100ml milk Squirty cream

How you make it...

Add the ice cream, milk and two Oreo cookies to your Nutribullet and give it a good whizz.

Pour into a glass (we used a handled Kilner jar)

Squirt the squirty cream onto the top and split a Oreo in two for decoration

It's the perfect treat for the weekend!


Nathalie x


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