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When life gives you lemons....

I am currently sat in our gorgeous woodland lodge in the heart of Elveden Forest sipping on a shandy (I know how 80's) with many a thought buzzing around my head.

The last couple of weeks in my personal life have been somewhat up and down, nothing major mind you but enough to put the axis of my own world slightly off kilter.

"If it's meant to be it's meant to be" is what my mum and grandmother preach - it's their motto for everything in life. I suppose being the ever life half full girl this is a motto that I resonate with but do you ever get thrown into those life situations where you simply do not know what to do for the better.

I am being quite cryptic here and I will in time tell you why but as I sit here typing I am looking for advice from the wider world, my online friends and family I suppose.

What would you do? In life's crossroads would you jump and deal with the consequences or settle for something that may not be forever and could leave you questioning why the hell you didn't jump when you had the chance - almost follow your heart and screw your head?

When I was single and younger life was so much easier, I only had to think of me, whatever my decisions and choices were only ever impacted me but now at nearly 32 years of age every single thing I do has consequences for the small people and indeed my family around me. Crikey when did s**t get so real?

I am very lucky to have the most amazing husband, parents, siblings, family and friends around me who will support me and who actually encouraging me to jump but what if what my hearts telling me to do is the wrong thing?

Life is a funny old thing, just when you think it's all plain sailing there's a bump in the ocean. I'd like to say it's all character building but to be quite honest it's just a sheer inconvenience and pain in the ass.

So, when life gives you lemon, do you squeeze the s***t out of them and make a lemonade that would make R. Whites quake in his boots or just pop that lemon back in the bowl and settle for that sadder more pathetic looking lemon in the hope that you rejected the right one?


Nathalie x