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YoYo by BabyZen Review In Association With A3 Baby Barn

So, Hector is walking pretty much everywhere now which is fab, but equally has this really irritating habit of deciding that he "you know what today, I don't feel quite like walking". 9/10 they do this in the most inconvenient of places, trains, supermarkets (when it goes hand in hand with not wanting to go in the trolley) and most irritatingly as we have experienced when you go to disembark the plane. Is it just us that always has to wait three hundred hours for your pram to be hauled off the oversize luggage whilst you negotiate trying to get suitcases and a toddler on the loose, or even more pain in the rear end when they have been WIRED the whole flight and then decide to fall to sleep ten minutes before landing. That is when you really need the pram. 

Well, teamed with the prospect of the above happening again AND quite a few UK breaks planned and limited boot space, you know the drill, too many clothes just in case of this and that type of weather, the dog, the dog bed and for it all to fit in comfortably we set out on a mission to find a more compact buggy that would mean we could kiss goodbye to our beloved Mamas and Papas Armadillo. 

I wanted to have a look at some new buggies and try and see before I parted with my cash just how much space they would take up in my boot, after all this was the main driving force so if I was not going to gain boot space it would be a redundant task. 

I headed to one of the only places I know where I could get independent advice AND try the buggies in my boot before purchasing, the A3 Baby Barn which is nestled in the grounds of Surbiton Golf Club literally ten mins from here. 

I met with my friend Louise (who also happens to be the owners daughter) and we had a look at some of the options. I was really keen to avoid getting an umbrella style pram as these still took up a large chunk of my boot. 

She recommended the YoYo by Baby Zen and I was initially sold on one factor as we discovered it can be placed in the footwell in front of Hectors car seat meaning a completely free boot space. RESULT! She also went onto add that it's one of the only buggies on the market to fit in the overhead luggage compartment of the airplane meaning that there would be no hanging around in the airport terminal waiting for the buggy from oversized luggage. Could this get any better?!? Although completely irrelevant for us in our stage of parenting but it can also be used from birth and have a car seat attached to it! It is also incredibly light coming in at a featherweight 6.7kg and it has a travel strap enabling it to be carried over ones shoulder and even has a one handed fold and close mechanism which is super cool although we have failed miserably to master, but give us time! 

So, we settled on a YoYo in all black with white chassis and planned its maiden voyage with Family Webb to Cornwall and Wales over the Easter break. 

As you can see from the above photo, the BabyZen YoYo fits perfectly behind the passengers seat and neatly in front of Hector's chair which meant we had the whole boot free for our belongings. 

Now the seat itself is roomy and Hector is a pretty hefty near two year old and he comfortably slept and sat happily in the pushchair whist we went about our travels. 

The ride is an incredibly smooth one, however, St. Ives is particularly cobbly so this meant that Hector had a bit of a bumpy ride but nothing that would put me off the pram itself. Now, the handle is lovely chunky but what it does lack is the ability to hang bags off it and the shopping basket underneath is a tad small. That said I would rather have the compactness and space in my boot over these, after all it is marketed as a compact travel system.

It's sleek in its design and the materials used are all quality and I love the mix of white chassis and black surround. 

We LOVE the fact that it is so light so its quick and easy close and throw over ones shoulder. I am excited at the prospect of taking this on board with us in when we fly to Greece in the summer. 

Now, the downside is the price but this is only a downside I think for us as we are buying this as our final pram and more of an occasional pram and probably a tad excessive some may say. 

It retails at £369 but this does come with an A3 Baby Barn special offer of a free cup holder and parasol. I personally think this demonstrates exceptional value for money for a pram that will see you through from birth to 3/4. 

We LOVE this pram and look forward to having many more adventures with it over the coming months. If you fancy having a peek at the pram for yourself why not head down to the A3 Baby Barn and have a look at it and all the many other baby and toddler items available in store. 

Nathalie x

DISCLAIMER: The A3 Baby Barn kindly lent us the YOYO for the purpose of this review but all views are my own.